Geberit AquaClean Sela is now available in white matt for a designer shower toilet that blends discreetly with any elegant bathroom aesthetic.

Over the last two years, the stylish white matt colour has really taken off in bathrooms all over the world, and in response to this trend, Geberit says it has now added the AquaClean Sela shower toilet to its white matt range.

Geberit AquaClean Sela will be available in this elegant and contemporary colour from April 1, says the Swiss sanitary solutions provider.

“The new Geberit AquaClean Sela shower toilet in white matt ticks all the boxes when it comes to bathroom design,” says Andreas Janser, Product Manager International for AquaClean shower toilets. “White matt ceramic surfaces bring a luxurious, high-quality feel to the bathroom, while still being simple and straightforward in design. Now, for the first time, this contemporary colour is also available for Geberit shower toilets.”

This new elegant shower toilet option complements the existing white matt ceramic range from Geberit and can be perfectly integrated into corresponding bathroom designs.

The washbasins in the iCon bathroom series can be perfectly combined with the new white matt AquaClean Sela.

The washbasins in the iCon bathroom series can be perfectly combined with the new white matt AquaClean Sela.

According to Janser, everything in the Geberit matt portfolio has been designed to work together in total harmony: “This goes for all washbasins, WCs and AquaClean Sela. The range of possible combination options is huge, with a whole host of white matt ceramics featuring in the Geberit ONE and iCon series. These include two hand rinse basins and one lay-on washbasin in the iCon Light series, as well as one rectangular and one bowl washbasin in the Geberit ONE series – not forgetting the WC ceramics in both series either,” he adds.

The matt finish on the ceramic is created by a special glaze. But it’s not just the glaze that’s different, as the developers have also adapted the seat to match this on-trend colour.

“As the WC seat and lid are made of a different material to the WC ceramics, they reflect the light differently,” explains Janser.

This is why various test runs were required before the ceramic matched the matt-varnished WC seat and lid. These comprehensive tests also ensured the surfaces were robust enough to withstand stains and scratches, he adds.

With this latest product innovation, Geberit AquaClean Sela is now available in three different models: white high-gloss with a cover in chrome or white – and white matt.

The Geberit Group, which operates worldwide, is the European market leader for sanitary products. It has 26 production plants, four of which are overseas. Headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona in Switzerland, the group has approximately 12,000 employees in around 50 countries and generated sales of CHF3.4 billion ($3.68 billion) in 2022.