Technal’s concealed hardware ... positioned with breakable stoppers.

Technal, a leading architectural aluminium systems brand with a presence of more than 40 years in the region, has unveiled its new concealed hardware offering which enhances the elegance of its sleek Soleal windows and boasts high performance, while being easy to assemble.

The invisible hardware can be used even for large dimensions of windows, up to 3 m height, weighing 160 kg per sash, thus allowing more light into the indoors.

The concealed hardware helps create a minimalistic look with the thin components while the finishing covers – tie rods and frame grooves – render a clean appearance.

 “All of the components are common for the same application. Only the bottom hinge differs depending on the weight of the opening sash, and is adapted according to the weight of the glazing – 80, 110 or 160 kg – and the type of project,” says Hesham Kameshki, Marketing and Business Development Manager of Hydro Building Systems Middle East (HBS ME), the regional office of Technal.

The hardware features a simplified control that is highly responsive. It is currently available for the Soleal FY55 and FY65 visible and minimal ranges, for inward opening window applications and for openings up to 180 degrees. Soleal profiles are now available with a new disabled threshold in turn-only, tilt/turn and turn/tilt versions.

The hardware does not require surface treatment, which reduces lead time for supply.

“In addition, the ordering process is simplified ensuring greater responsiveness in dealing with customer requests,” he says.

The concealed hardware is designed to ensure simple and intuitive assembly, significantly reducing the time to install it. Assembly is fast and easy, thanks to the frontal mounted elements; direct punching of the tie-rods; and no groove notching on the sash, which means less machining operations. It is positioned with breakable stoppers to eliminate the risk of error.

In terms of thermal performance, the Soleal FY55 fitted with these hinges offers a Uw value of up to 1.2 W/sq m K while for the Soleal FY65, Uw is up to 0.9 W/sq m K.

The Soleal systems featuring concealed hardware offer optimum weather-tightness: with air permeability rated up to Class A4; water-tightness up to Class E1200 and wind resistance up to Class VC5.  They meet corrosion resistance of grade 5 and have been endurance tested at 20,000 cycles.

This apart, the Soleal profile sections address sustainability concerns as they are available and can be supplied in Hydro CIRCAL, a premium quality aluminium comprising at least 75 per cent of recycled aluminium sourced from post-consumption waste, that is, end-of-life joinery. This aluminium has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world: 2.3 kg of CO2/kg of aluminium. Technal can provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) upon request.

Hydro CIRCAL is produced by the Norwegian multinational Hydro group, the world’s largest producer of aluminium, which the Technal brand belongs to.