Sweden’s Expo 2020 pavilion ... to feature Systemair HVAC solution.

Systemair, a leading ventilation company with operations in 50 countries, said it has supplied smart and sustainable HVAC solutions to the Swedish pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Systemair said, along with its subsidiary Frico, the company will showcase modern climate solutions mainly aimed at ensuring visitors to the pavilion can enjoy healthy indoor air quality in an energy-efficient manner.

The companies will also be organising several events aimed at educating stakeholders on the importance of achieving optimum indoor air quality without compromising on energy efficiency.

Technical Marketing Director Morten Schmelzer said: “As sponsors of the Swedish pavilion, we want to ensure visitors can benefit from healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Keeping this in mind, we have carefully selected the products that will ensure fresh air supply, which is especially crucial in view of Covid-19.”

“Our solution also offers a minimum of 50 per cent lower power consumption and sustainable cooling recovery as high as 65 per cent, which is unique for the Middle East. Lastly, the products are in line with the latest high European and ISO standards, which enables the best possible IAQ (indoor air quality) with minimum energy utilisation,” he noted.

According to him, Systemair supplied 10 of its high-end Geniox air handling units (AHUs) with state-of-the-art control systems to meet requirements of the local conditions, as well as the challenges posed by the unique design of the structure.

Systemair also supplied a sorption cooling recovery system with a special material on the heat recovery wheel, along with fan coil units, one Sysaqua 170 chiller, and one roof fan, DVG EC560, he added.

The Swedish country pavilion features two of the latest generation air curtains from Frico, installed in the shop and the cafeteria.

On its Expo 2020 plans, Schmelzer said: “Systemair and Frico will hold a VIP keynote event and reception night during the Expo featuring global leading experts discussing trends and innovations relating to the next generation of sustainable HVAC. There will also be an exclusive workshop that will elaborate on how stakeholders can leverage advanced technical solutions to obtain healthy indoor air in their projects, while saving energy in their projects.”