Dynair Ecology Unit has passed various UL 710 tests to ensure its suitability for appications in commercial kitchens.

Air distribution systems manufacturer Maico has introduced an efficient and cost-effective ventilation solution known as Dynair Ecology Unit to eliminate the oil, grease, smoke and odour created in commercial kitchens.

“Conventional exhaust systems alone cannot tackle the cooking effluent, which is a complex combination of grease particles ranging from 0.01 to 100 microns in size, moisture and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), mandating the use of an exceptional and unique ventilation system such as that of the Dynair Ecology Unit,” says Amit Ahuja, Director of Maico Gulf.

“The absence of an efficient grease trap in the kitchen hood in conventional systems increases the fire hazard at exhaust ducts, putting kitchen staff at a higher risk. The blocked hoods increase the need for maintenance and frequent cleaning while creating an unpleasant atmosphere due to the bad odour in the kitchen and the restaurant,” he points out.

Dynair Ecology Unit’s wide range of features enable it to efficiently exhaust contaminated air from kitchen hoods, making it particularly suitable for use in commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants and food courts. The unit comes with a fully-integrated control/status panel and manual and auto wash electrostatic precipitator (ESP) for efficient monitoring. In addition, it has an optional UVC filtration feature for heavy-duty kitchens and an odour neutraliser, while other Revit models for BIM (building information modelling) are also available.

Dynair Ecology Unit ... a ventilation solution.

Dynair Ecology Unit ... a ventilation solution.

Dynair Ecology units are manufactured in the region at Maico Gulf’s state-of–the-art manufacturing facility in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, and are ETL listed under UL 710 by Intertek Laboratory USA.

Elaborating on the various tests conducted to ensure that the unit is suited for applications in commercial kitchens, Ahuja says: “UL 710 tests assure of Dynair Ecology units’ ability to withstand harsh operating conditions and provide the safest ventilation solution in the industry, making it an efficient and viable ventilation system for the end user and their employees. The UL 710 test covers a variety of parameters such as temperature, fire, fan-failure, overvoltage and undervoltage operation and dielectric voltage-withstand tests, among others.

“The temperature test measures the ability of the unit to withstand the harsh temperature of the smoke and steam produced in commercial kitchens. A cooking smoke and flare-up test is also conducted wherein the commercial ventilation unit’s operation is observed for evidence of smoke or flame while food containing fat is cooked to determine the acceptable minimum exhaust rates for kitchen hoods. The Ecology Unit passed the test with no evidence of smoke escaping from the hood or duct.

“The fan-failure test ensures the exhaust air stream does not exceed 375 degrees F and that flames do enter the hood exhaust collar when vegetable oil is burnt. In addition, to pass the test, the hood parts should not be damaged as they would present an electrical or fire risk.

“The Ecology unit is also tested for its ability to withstand 110 per cent of its rated voltage continuously without damage during normal operating conditions and at 85 per cent of its rated voltage in the overvoltage and undervoltage operation test.”

The selection of Dynair Ecology units can be done using an interactive and user-friendly software enabled with Revit models for BIM, providing comprehensive details of the design and fulfilling the requirements of architects, consultants, hotel operators and other customers.

Dynair, a brand division of Maico, has a dedicated after-sales team that provides all-around support in testing and commissioning of the product and offers in-depth training to operators as well, Ahuja says.

Maico Gulf, which has been producing air distribution systems for more than a decade, is a sister concern of Maico Italia, part of the Maico Holding from Germany, and Hira Holding from the UAE. It has a state-of-the-art laboratory, which is one of the first of its kind in the Middle East and has been accredited by AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association). Maico’s diverse range comprises exceptional-quality ventilation systems, smoke extract fans, roof fans, domestic fans and smoke ventilators, which demonstrate the company’s expertise in air movement products.