Empower has begun operations of its district cooling plant located in Dubai Production City.

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) has announced that it has begun operations at its 47,000 refrigeration tons (RT) capacity district cooling plant located in Dubai Production City.

One of the world’s largest district cooling services providers, Empower said a total of 52 multi-use buildings are already connected to the new plant during the first phase; and 14 additional buildings will be connected in the next two years.

A contract worth AED197 million ($53.6 million) was awarded last year for building this new generation district cooling plant. This is the first permanent plant room out of the three ones established in the area with a total capacity of 125,000 RT for the whole project upon completion, stated Empower.

Starting the plant is part of the company’s strategy to meet the increasing demand for district cooling services in the area, and its keenness to provide high-quality and environment-friendly cooling services through highly efficient cooling plants.

The new permanent plant includes two Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks that can cover the needs during the peak hours and reduces additional load on the state power grid by optimising the inflow and outflow of chilled water.

CEO Ahmad bin Shafar said: “We are using advanced technologies in the new district cooling plant in Dubai Production City to ensure the lowest energy and water consumption. In addition to the TES technology that reduces the pressure on the state power grid, the award-winning Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) system is also being used in the plant to generate make-up water necessary for the cooling towers.”

“Using  the TSE system in its operations will reduce the consumption of fresh water and, thus, contribute to preserving natural resources for future generations,” he stated.