Qatar's biggest waterpark Meryal, spanning a 24,281 sq m area in capital Doha, has announced the launch of its new family adventure ride within the new entertainment hub. The Alghazal Roller Coaster offers a unique blend of tradition and modern entertainment. 
Announcing the grand opening of its newest attraction, Meryal said this exhilarating dry ride is perfect for guests who prefer to stay in regular attire, promising to become a family favourite, offering an exciting experience for guests of all ages. 
Featuring 4-person sit-down spinning cars, the Alghazal roller coaster rotates in circles as it races around the track, adding a unique twist to the traditional ride experience. 
With a passenger height minimum of 110 cm, the Alghazal roller coaster ensures that kids and the whole family can enjoy its heart-pounding excitement, it stated.
With 69 rides, slides, and attractions, there's something for every thrill-seeker. The park's theme celebrates Qatar's rich history of oil and gas discovery, seamlessly woven into every aspect of its design and attractions, said a spokesman for the company. 
Among its standout features is The Rig 1938, home to two Guinness World Record attempts, including the tallest tower in the world. Visitors can also enjoy the Rapid Refinery, where slides rotate to add an extra dimension of fun, and the Leap of Fate, known for its high-adrenaline rush, he stated. 
The tube slide complex offers customizable music and lighting effects for a unique experience, while the Distillers Mat Racer Slide provides thrilling timed races. Other attractions, like the Oil Silk Lagoon and Turbulent Tunnel Wave River, offer immersive aquatic adventures.
"In addition to Alghazal, Meryal Waterpark offers an extensive array of family-friendly activities," said the spokesman.
"For the little ones, Alsfun provides tot-friendly slides, while the Oil Splash and Blow Out offer interactive play structures for endless fun. The park’s vibrant design and engaging attractions make it a perfect destination for creating cherished family memories," he stated.
For those seeking relaxation, Meryal features four pools and beaches, providing a tranquil escape where guests can soak up the sun and enjoy the serene surroundings. The luxurious cabanas offer a private oasis, perfect for unwinding in comfort, he added.-TradeArabia News Service