Hilti’s drill head ... lasting performance.

The newly-launched TE-C3X drill bits take an already well-proven and highly successful hammer drill bit concept a step further to achieve previously unattained drilling speed, impact power and lifetime, according to its manufacturer Hilti, the Liechtenstein-headquartered leader in systems and solutions for the professional construction sector.

The solid carbide head with specific characteristics for each diameter range and area of application give this new drill bit generation a productivity factor to be reckoned with, says Joseph Leo, market segment manager of the Hilti regional office for the Middle East and South Asia region.
“The name TE-C3X raises great expectations, and this clever new high-tech drill bit from Hilti delivers everything it promises,” says Leo. “A decade ago, Hilti made history by becoming the first, and today is still the only manufacturer of drill bits with welded solid carbide head. The lasting performance of this superior drill bit concept has been confirmed a million times over by professional users throughout the world.”
He continues: “Now even better than the original, the gradient technology incorporated in these hammer drill bits not only is the first of its kind in the world but also marks the beginning of a new era. It is currently available exclusively from Hilti in practical multi-packs of 6, 12 or 24 and in sets of assorted sizes to suit the needs of specific trades.
Manufactured from two special types of carbide, the drill bit head now absorbs impacts even better. With its four carbide cutting edges and innovative 'X' geometry, the new drill bits with C-type (SDSplus) connection end, achieves up to 30 per cent longer life than all other hammer drill bits.”
The TE-C3X drill bits have innovative features that enable them to drill through the hardest concrete at record-breaking speed, according to Leo.
He explains: “Productive, professional drilling begins in the head initially. After starting the hole with perfect control, the new TE-C3X simply ploughs through the hardest concrete and just keeps on going even when it hits rebar, virtually eliminating the problem of sticking and catching on steel reinforcement. Minimal wear at the critical width across the cutting edges ensures constant hole geometry over the entire, extra-long life of each drill bit.

Record speed
“These drill bits in the 5 to 11 mm diameter range are finely tuned to achieve record-breaking drilling speed due to their innovative flute designing. Each cutting edge leads into its own helical channel to ensure extremely efficient removal of dust and fragments and their excellent guidance characteristics also help to keep the vibration felt by the user to a minimum.
“Due to their exceptionally high thermal stability and thus resistance to overheating, the new drill bits in the 12 to 16 mm diameter range are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications. When drilling anchor holes through existing holes in steel brackets, for example, the drill bit remains comparatively cool. The solid carbide head of the TE-C3X is welded directly to the fluted shank of the drill bit to form a single virtually inseparable unit, and use of the latest manufacturing techniques ensures the optimum grain pattern in the special steel - for even greater durability.”
Powerful tools such as Hilti rotary hammers and combi-hammers used for breaking up concrete driveways and patios, as well as for drilling holes for anchors, place ever-increasing demands on the drill bits used, making technical advances in this field essential if optimum performance is to be achieved, he says.
“The latest Hilti TE-C3X hammer drill bits guarantee highest productivity in conjunction with Hilti power tools because Hilti tools and drill bits are developed together, tested together and perfectly matched to each other in order to achieve superior system performance that adds up to much more than just the sum of its components,” Leo concludes.
Hilti supplies the worldwide construction industry with technologically leading products, systems and services that provide construction with innovative solutions and clear added value. The company employs some 16,000 employees in more than 120 countries, with an annual sales turnover of $2.3 billion.