Rezklad SR ... a high performance, solvent-free, chemical-resistant grout.

A specialised range of materials is required to hold bricks together in highly corrosive environments such as those encountered in metalworking and

chemical industries, says US-based Atlas Minerals and Chemicals.

Atlas Minerals and Chemicals of the US has introduced Rezklad HP mortar, which is described as a solvent-free, high-performance, acid and solvent-resistant mortar for chemical-resistant brick construction.

In addition to being used as mortar for brick construction of floors, trenches and sumps, it can be used as a pointing mortar for structural glazed facing tile and quarry tile walls. Being water cleanable, it eliminates the need for special masking or waxing of the brick or tile to prevent staining, says a company spokesman.

He continues: "Rezklad HP Mortar is excellent for the food-processing, beverage, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. It is resistant to food by-products, organic acids, process and sanitising solutions containing chlorine, phosphoric, nitric and sulfuric acids, hydrogen peroxide and many solvents.

"The new mortar offers resistance to hot water and steam washdowns and will not support the growth of bacteria. Standard colours are black, gray, white and red."

Atlas offers a comprehensive range of products for the construction of industrial brick floors utilising an impervious membrane and chemical-resistant brick, jointed with corrosion-resistant mortar. The company has recently published a four-page colour brochure describing plant uses, typical systems and types of floor construction for its brick floor systems.

Atlas also offers a diverse range of grouts, one of the latest additions being Rezklad SR, a high-performance, solvent-free, chemical-resistant grout for paver and tile floors. It is based on bisphenol F epoxy resin and a specially-formulated hardener.

"This formulation makes the mortar particularly suited for use in the food and beverage industries where resistance to cleaning and sanitising agents is necessary. The grout is resistant to chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and phosphoric and nitric acid-based sanitising agents. Rezklad SR grout is recommended for use in paver and tile floors where resistance to a wide range of organic solvents, concentrated suphuric acid and up to 40 per cent nitric acid is required," he says.

Recommended applications include dairy, soft drink, bakery and meat-processing plants. It is also ideal for commercial and institutional kitchens and cafeterias.