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A conference room featuring Halio technology.

Smart glass rises to the occasion

Kinestral Technologies’ Halio is a smart-tinting glass with the most advanced and responsive natural light management system.

It is the first smart-tinting technology that is indistinguishable from ordinary clear glass, but unlike ordinary glass, Halio tints to shades of neutral grey to block unwanted light or to increase privacy when needed, giving architects and designers a versatile product to create more stunning interiors and exteriors while meeting energy efficiency targets. 

“Halio is an easy-to-use natural light management system,” says Dr S B Cha, CEO of the US-based Kinestral.

Halio can be programmed to respond to the weather, time or the sun’s position during the day. It’s a standalone system that gives users multiple control options – a mobile app, and stylish wall mount controls. It can also be activated by voice commands. Featuring bank-level encryption and security provisions, Halio integrates seamlessly with popular home and building automation systems.

Tinting begins instantly, and in less than two minutes begins delivering shade and glare protection. In large floor-to-ceiling windows, the darkest shade of grey, which provides privacy, is achieved in under five minutes. It offers the flexibility of stopping mid-programme when a desired shade is achieved.


The Address Boulevard by Emaar Hospitality Group.

Emily ... elegant.


‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’

Duquesa & Malvada, a luxury furniture brand, has launched a new flat luxury mirror made of lacquered, polished brass, called Emily Mirror.

“The name Emily orginates from the latin Aemilius but according to Greek mythology is also derived from Aimylios, which means ‘what speaks in a pleasant way’. Hence. true to its name, the mirror Emily presents itself as a refined, graceful and harmonious piece,” says a company spokesman.

Early this year, the brand presented 17 new and luxurious pieces as well as the new versions of bar chairs of the already existing exquisite chairs.

Duquesa & Malvada is a brand inspired by the tastes of an urban and demanding generation with a strong personality.

“We create design pieces reflecting an urban and intense lifestyle in perfect harmony with cosmopolitan elements, trends, luxury, with a special focus on the personal style and identity,” says the spokesman.

The first collection was officially presented in September 2016 at 100 per cent  Design in London.

The collection has been considered by many interior designers as one of the most exquisite collections of recent years.


The Address Boulevard by Emaar Hospitality Group.

Innov8 pivot door with in-line panel.


Roman launches frameless shower

Leading international shower designer and manufacturer Roman has launched a new collection of 8 mm frameless pivoting shower enclosures.

Launched at the ISH exhibition in Germany last month, the Innov8 collection comprises elegantly minimalist frameless pivot door enclosures with a full-length pivoting tube.

 According to David Osborne, managing director of the UK-based company, Innov8’s obvious and outstanding differential is the low threshold, allowing level entry access into the shower enclosure. “The elimination of the top rail and profiles (when configured with a side panel) and the low threshold, encapsulates the minimalist styling, whilst still retaining the water integrity and adjustments of a ‘standard’ shower enclosure,” he says. The pivot door can be installed to open inwards or outwards, allowing the enclosure to be fitted in different bathroom sizes and layout situations - and it will also work around existing bathroom furniture.