Nullifire ... in use for more than four decades.

Since their launch three years ago, Nullifire’s SC901 and SC902 intumescent coatings have proved to be game-changers for the fire protection industry, says a spokesperson for tremco illbruck.

These intumescent coatings offer highly attractive application characteristics, while retaining the product quality and reliability for which the Nullifire brand is famous, he adds.

Nullifire is a core brand within the Tremco illbruck Group, a leading manufacturer of high-performance sealing and bonding solutions for the construction and manufacturing industry, and has been used by the construction industry worldwide for more than 40 years.

“Where achieving a 90- or 120-minute fire rating for structural steelwork used to require four or five applications, SC901 and SC902 can be built up to a thickness of 4 to 5 mm in a single, multi-pass operation,” he points out. “This, therefore, has reduced both time and cost for specialist contractors and, in many instances, has enabled the fire protection of structural steel frames to be taken off a project programme’s critical path.”   

The SC901 system has been developed for use by fabricators and enables steel sections to be delivered to site the following day, while SC902 facilitates fast and less weather-susceptible installation on site. While the SC901 has a ‘pot life’ of 15 minutes, SC902 allows operatives more flexibility to coat on-site steelwork from scaffolding or other access platforms.   

SC902 ... targeted at the Middle East.

SC902 ... targeted at the Middle East.

“Nullifire SC902 is our strategic product for the Middle East region,” the spokesman says.

Nullifire has successfully used off-the-shelf Graco spray equipment to deliver the high-solids intumescent material which will dry overnight. 

“Importantly, it is even possible to repair chips or other physical damage in a single operation with the revolutionary material being easy to tool or sand down to restore the high quality, aesthetic finish,” he stresses.

The manufacturer offers full specification and technical support as required, while the many benefits of SC901 and SC902 have helped Nullifire win new contracts and convert specialist installers across the industrial, commercial and other sectors.

Manufactured in the UK, Nullifire is fully compliant with international and local standards and is approved by the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Civil Defence authorities.