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A Zenith chandelier ... timeless.

Baccarat marks a dazzling milestone

Baccarat is marking its 250th anniversary with the launch in the Middle East of the Alhambra chandelier, a stunning interpretation of the timeless Zénith icon and a tribute to the radiant Moorish style of the Andalusian emirate of Granada.

Alhambra – which means red in Arabic and sounds like amber in Spanish – is a combination of two emblematic colours, red, the signature colour of Baccarat, and amber, the symbol of opulence in the Orient.

“A unique combination of European classicism and Arabian aesthetics, the Alhambra 24-light chandelier is introduced as a limited edition of 25 pieces, exclusively available in the Gulf region, to celebrate in the Middle East Baccarat’s 250th anniversary,” says a spokesperson for Baccarat, a name that has become virtually synonymous
with luxury.

For over two centuries, the company has produced and distributed some of the world’s finest luxury crystal. With a catalogue spanning more than 2,500 items, Baccarat produces full-lead crystal tableware, jewellery, lamps, vases, carafes, decorative pieces, and home fittings, sold through its own retail stores and through third-party retailers.

Among crystal manufacturers, Baccarat has pioneered the incorporation of computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques, as well as modernised production systems, without relinquishing its tradition of hand-crafted quality.

Baccarat’s artisans have won numerous awards throughout the company’s history.


The Hampton sofa ... good choice.

The Hampton sofa ... good choice.

Summer a breeze with new collection

As the mercury starts to soar in the Gulf, Indigo Living says its new collection is utilising a bit of colour psychology to bring down the indoor temperature.

“Scientists say it’s not colours that stimulate or soothe but their intensity – so a meld of pale blues and greens in the living space really will calm the soul, and just might bring down the air-conditioning bills too,” says a spokesperson for the interior design specialist.

Right on trend and just in time for the hike in temperature, Indigo Living offers the Summer Breeze collection, a selection of understated furniture and accessories in hues of turquoise, lavender and tangerine, expertly blended with soft earth tones and fresh whites.

“Keep things crisp and airy in the living room by choosing natural fabrics and textures wherever possible, the Hampton three-seat sofa in teal linen is a good choice, and works beautifully with light wood furniture such as the Large Bookcase or One Drawer Table from the Kasama range.”

Other products in the collection include table or floor lamps in subtle shades or contemporary metallic, the Oscar floor lamp, the Venus Table Lamp, hurricane lamps or lanterns, the white bamboo round lantern and the Hanci White round lantern.

Established in Dubai since 2006, Indigo Living offers customers inspirational and beautiful interiors, furnishings and accessories.


The Rose collection by Daum.

The Rose collection by Daum.

A rose by any other name...

THG Paris, a leading French manufacturer of luxury bathroom fittings and accessories, has combined its knowhow with that of distinguished crystal maker Daum to produce a highly refined collection entitled Rose.

Creativity, boldness and originality are the trademarks of the Daum Atelier, according to a spokesperson for THG. Since 1878, Daum has been creating world-class crystal pieces using rare and ancient techniques.

“The company’s mastery of glass casting techniques and incredible innovation make each creation unique,” he says.

All Daum crystal inlays are handcrafted in its craftsmen’s workshops in France.

“For this collaboration, one of the signature pieces of the Daum brand – the rose – has been delicately placed atop of THG’s metal taps,” says the spokesperson. “These prestigious designs – a ‘rose’ in both form and hue – will bring sweetness and sensuality to your bathrooms.”

The Rose collection can be used for sink, shower and bath fittings with a line of matching accessories. The range is available in a wide choice of finishes, including chrome, gold, luxbrass, nickel and rhodium silver. THG has been awarded the prestigious French EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) – (a living heritage company) – a quality label conferred by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry.