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Mikado chairs by Ondarreta.

Mikado draws inspiration from chopsticks

Ondarreta of Spain launched new additions to the Mikado family of chairs at Maison and Objet Paris, an international trade fair dedicated to lifestyle fashions, held in Paris, France, in January 2016.

Commenting on the expanded range, a spokesperson for Ondarreta says: “A pair of Asian chopsticks gave birth to the idea for this design, where the back legs are inclined, shaping the base geometry.

“Mikado was introduced as a design, and after its warm welcome, it has grown as a family in sizes and possibilities,” the spokesperson says.

Under its charming appearance, Mikado is strong, lightweight and highly resistant.

“The Mikado family’s structure is made with 30-mm Abedul wood,” he says. “The parts are assembled with perfect mechanisation. The seat and back, curved at a high frequency and with a broad surface space, are made with plywood and phenolic laminate, offering high resistance and flexibility with a razor-thin 4 mm back.

“Both with the exposed laminate and the upholstered finish, we opted to leave two exposed screws to give the design personality. This is even more so when we bear in mind that it highlights the thinness of the back.”

Mikado has an especially small seat that brings out the beauty of all things small.

Ondarreta’s selection of finishes hearkens back to Japanese peasant clothing, with a semi-cushioned fabric or small speckled colours.


The L-shaped couch.

The L-shaped couch.

Modernity at Atmosphere

Atmosphere Furnishings, a UAE-based luxury boutique, is aiming to add an air of modernity to interiors with its new Minimal Mystic collection. 

The new range includes the Minima table that can be placed in any way against a wall or as a standalone statement and still provide an aura of chic to any living area, according to a spokesperson for Atmosphere.

The new collection also includes an L-shaped couch.

“Classically chic, with an air of simplicity and a taste for adventure, this L-shaped couch-set in a grey-toned brown – with centre tables that match its unique frame – adds depth to a monochromatic room and can even accentuate the texture and beauty of a coloured wall,”  says the spokesperson.

According to him, Atmosphere Furnishings’ success in the UAE and international markets can be attributed to its quest for excellence in quality and top design.

Every piece is designed with a focus on details and finishes.

“Atmosphere Furnishings invests significant resources on research and testing of durable and highly resistant materials, and to anticipating trends. The end result is a design-oriented collection which integrates form with function, modern design with classical elements and includes armchairs, modular sofa systems, dining chairs, small tables and accessories for the most demanding consumers that seek a contemporary and modern lifestyle,” he adds.


Rockwell ... 20th century fashion.

Rockwell ... 20th century fashion.

Illulian creates vintage rugs

Illulian, a well-known brand of luxurious custom handmade rugs, has added new creations to three of its lines, namely the Palace and Design collections and the Limited Edition.

The new additions include Layla, Dumas and Rockwell.

Commenting on the latest additions, a spokesperson for Illulian says: “Layla, which in Arabic means as dark as night, is a furnishing complement characterised by ancient motifs, hailing from faraway lands, and a precious vintage effect. The outcome is a unique high-quality rug with a great visual impact, which proves to be an extremely refined furnishing complement.

“Dumas features a plush damask motif for timeless fascination. It is a refined rug characterised by a vintage effect and features the brilliant reflections obtained by making use of extra pure silk and wool. In its gold version, Dumas reaches the apex of its splendour.”

Rockwell is a decorative element with a strong appeal inspired by the ancient cementine – the tiles that were all the fashion at the turn of the twentieth century. “With its graphic design made of a pleasing interplay of shapes and colours, this rug is the ideal choice for those who enjoy surrounding themselves with elements having a retro quality,” he says.

Founded in 1960, Illulian sets a benchmark in the luxury modern rugs sector, according to the spokesperson.

Four lines characterise Illulian’s wide production. These include the Design Collection, Palace Collection, Limited Edition and Antique Rugs.

The rugs in the Palace Collection have nuances and suggestions that appeal to a more classical taste; the Design Collection reflect the latest fashion and interior design trends; the Limited Edition is yet another confirmation of the attention devoted by the company to cross-pollination with other fields;  and the Antique Rugs range comprises inimitable pieces from all over the world and from different periods.