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Josephine X ... available in 10 colours.

Josephine takes to the floor

Metalarte, a decorative lighting brand within the Spanish Luxiona Group, has introduced Josephine X, a floor lamp designed by Jaime Hayon.

Hayon started out in lighting design with Metalarte in 2005 with Josephine, a piece which was destined to become a classic, says a company spokesperson.

“It was a return to sophistication and to an appreciation of things that are well made. It was a bet placed on democratic luxury, which brought back good, old-fashioned silver and gold for decoration, with the impeccable manufacture of Bosa fine ceramics, the perfect example of modern craftsmanship,” he says.

“Since then, we have seen different versions of this light fixture for tables, for walls, and for the ceiling, including a magnificent chandelier. The floor lamp was missing, because we were saving it to celebrate its anniversary.”

The new Josephine X has grown spectacularly in size and also comes in a commemorative limited edition of 10 colours, with only 10 numbered and signed units produced in each colour.

These include Azul Mediterráneo, Celadón Imperial, Mango Tropical, Bordeaux Français, Danish Pine Green, Dutch Clay, Gris Lava Lanzarote, Azul Okura, Pink Bunny and Crema Brancusi.

“Metalarte is defined by a vision that mixes the contemporary with the traditional and the capacity to constantly move forwards and adapt to changing times. Since its foundation in 1932, the company has maintained a catalogue that balances the future and the past, with a clear focus on Spanish design and its creators,” he adds.


Georgetown ... architectural history.

Georgetown ... architectural history.

Georgetown comes to the Gulf

Ethan Allen has launched the 2016 Georgetown collection as well as a coffee table book of ideas and inspiration titled Muses.

The Georgetown collection is a modern take on the rich mix of Greek and Roman influences that embody the Regency style. The newest collection is abundant with neo-classically inspired decorative details featuring finials, curves and hand crafted touches. Although they are constructed in Ethan Allen’s workshops in the US, all items are available with optional golden or silver tone hand-gilded accents that are rich in detail, making them perfect for the Gulf, the company says.

George Foster-Vincent, head of interior design for Ethan Allen in Dubai, UAE, says: “The collection is all about architectural history with royal and luxurious touches. The wood and materials used along with the way the pieces are shaped are on trend in the world of interior design, while also speaking to the tastes of the region. It is a beautiful new collection that we are excited to showcase.”

The collection includes a bed, night tables, side table accents, table dressers, armoires and wardrobes as well as a wide range of upholstered items such as sofas, chairs and ottomans.

Meanwhile, Muses, the new coffee table book, has over 300 pages of designs, styles and moods. It is a distillation of the brand’s design DNA and full of ideas for professionals in the industry or those who have a passion for interior design.


The Nero Assoluto Memorial ... inimitable charm.

The Nero Assoluto Memorial ... inimitable charm.

Antolini unveils new ‘Natura’ beauty

Antolini has launched the new Nero Assoluto Memorial as part of its Natura Collection. Boasting a “croco design” embellishment, the latest addition to the well-established natural stone collection is the outcome of innovative technology that enables delicate and uniform etching, redesigning the surface of the stone, says a spokesman.

The natural beauty of stone is enhanced by bringing forth the play of light, the effects of the textures, the original designs that give the material a strong personality and make it perfect for imaginative use in creating unique, contemporary spaces.

The Nero Assoluto Memorial is offered as a perfect solution for offices, where it gives rooms a contemporary style and personalises surfaces by emphasising intriguing plays of light. Not only do the effects capture the gaze, the finish is pleasurable to the touch, while sprucing up office furniture and proving its inimitable charm, the Italian firm says.