The Power Pack 700 Ecosilence ... working pressure of 1,000 bar with 473 kW power input.

SWEDISH hydrodemolition specialist manufacturer Aquajet Systems has released a new range of state-of-the-art, containerised, high-pressure Power Packs designed specifically for hydrodemolition applications.

The new range features four models including two Ecosilence versions – Power Pack 400, Power Pack 400 Ecosilence, Power Pack 700 and Power Pack 700 Ecosilence – housed in a clean and rigid-designed 23-ft container equipped with a ‘roll off’ frame for easy on/off truck loading and transportation.

“The Ecosilence versions feature acoustic surface treatment, thick sound absorbing insulation and seals for doors and hatches, all contributing to reducing noise levels to less than half that of conventional power packs, meeting an average 57.5 dB (Power Pack 400 Ecosilence) noise output,” says a spokesman for Aquajet Systems.

The Power Pack work area includes space to house the Aqua Cutter robot.

Both versions of the top-of-the-range Power Pack 700 feature a working pressure of up to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi) with a power input of 473 kW (645 hp). The Power Pack 400 Ecosilence has a maximum working pressure of 850 bar (12,300 psi) and a power input of 276 kW (375 hp). The standard high-pressure Power Pack 400 unit offers an increased maximum working pressure of 1,150 bar (16,700 psi).

The Ecosilence versions offer a substantial reduction in fuel consumption, according to the spokesman. “Its efficient design ensures that just 70 litres per hour is used when producing a water output of, for example, 185 litres per minute at 1,000 bar utilising just 73 per cent capacity. Maximum output is 261 litres per minute at 1,000 bar,” he says.

The Ecosilence Power Pack is developed to cater for the demanding requirements of the global hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning markets and can be used for everything from light scarifying to removal of deep concrete such as side beams. Its design will help contractors meet the increasingly stringent operational noise requirements that are imposed when working close to sensitive locations.

Ventilation systems for both Ecosilence models feature sound baffles that exchange air inside the container twice a minute.

An advanced heat exchange system is also fitted to the diesel engine instead of a traditional cooler during working operations. Double exhaust silencers with a 4.5-m damping length are heat protected and also mounted inside the container.

The Power Packs’ diesel engine and high-pressure pump for all versions are assembled complete on a heavy-duty welded steel frame with a built-in 925-litre diesel tank in the Power Pack 700 models and an 820-litre tank in the Power Pack 400s.

The Revo control system ... user friendly.

A bag-type filter prevents dirt particles from entering the system and pump. A booster pump is also mounted between the stainless steel water tank and high-pressure pump to ensure an adequate inlet pressure. The base frame is installed in the container on vibration isolators. All pipes and fittings are in stainless steel and non-corrosive materials.

Automatically operated hydraulic roof hatches for engine cooling air and an automatic locking system are incorporated into the container roof for the high-pressure non-Ecosilence versions.

The Power Pack’s Revo control system has been developed as safe and user-friendly with easily understood parameters set on the graphic colour display, which incorporates multi-language operator’s instructions.

A remote control system with a pressure ‘on/off’ switch and emergency ‘stop’ button is included. When the remote control is switched to the ‘off’ position, the system will de-pressurise the pump and high-pressure hose and reduce the engine speed. Hard wired remote control is standard with radio control optionally available.

The new Power Pack models also incorporate a built-in work bench complete with a vice and storage room for spare parts. Movable heavy hooks are also fitted for storing high-pressure hoses and cables.

The work area also includes space to house the Aqua Cutter robot for storage, particularly during transportation.

“The latest generation of Power Packs from Aquajet Systems ensure easy handling, cost effective transportation and set-up times and require a minimum of space on-site,” concludes the spokesman.

Aquajet Systems is a comprehensive supplier of complete systems with a product range that covers the hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning business. Its standard programme of high-pressure Power Packs satisfy the market needs, and range from smaller skid-mounted units up to heavy-duty powerful containerised contracting machines.