HEMPEL Paints, a leading international paint manufacturer, says it has busted the myth that protection and aesthetics of a building don’t go together with the launch of Contex EM, a texture waterborne paint that has anti-carbonation and crack-bridging properties.

With Contex EM, ultimate protection and modern beauty meet at last, says Moataz Kamel, regional marketing manager of Hempel Middle East-West (MEW).

Contex EM is an elastomeric, breathable smooth-textured top coat based on a high-quality pure acrylic binder, providing effective protection against harsh climatic conditions – whether rainy, dusty or sunny. Its resistance to ultraviolet rays ensures that the colour of the painted surface does not fade over time, he says.

This apart, the anti-carbonation properties of Contex EM sets a new benchmark in protection. “Carbonation is considered a cancer that eats into the steel structure under the concrete cover, which is supposed to protect the main core of buildings by shielding the steel structure from the carbonation process,” says Kamel.

To provide a high degree of protection to buildings, Contex EM features rich elastomeric properties that enable it to bridge cracks effectively. “It is a flexible paint that accommodates hairline cracks, giving no chance for water to seep into the steel structure,” he says.

Contex EM’s protection extends not just to the building but to the environment as well, Kamel points out. “Protection should not be limited to the buildings only. Recognising its role towards the environment, Hempel has utilised the latest paint technologies to design Contex EM as an environment-friendly exterior paint with a low volatile organic compounds (VOC) level, without compromising on the paint’s performance.”

This apart, the product reduces waste by minimising the building’s maintenance requirements. This not only extends the lifespan of the building but also saves labour, time and money, he points out.

“In a way, Hempel’s green solution has a two-pronged strategy. It protects your investment as well as the environment in order to create a more sustainable world,” states Kamel.

Furthermore, Contex EM is in keeping with the latest trends in the paints sector. Its silky textured look gives the building a modern facade, and it comes in white and many other colours to suit different tastes.

The product can be applied to concrete structures such as commercial and residential buildings, and civil infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, bypasses and tunnels on concrete, masonry and cement rendering. Contex EM can be applied using various tools including textured rollers/spray by hopper gun/brush application by professionals.

“When Hempel introduced Contex EM, the main aim was to produce the perfect paint,” says Ahmed Abdul Aziz, regional sales director of Hempel MEW. “And we have succeeded by proving that ultimate protection is not merely a lip service. We have also kept in mind that since we are introducing a decorative paint, aesthetic appeal is not only important, it is essential.”

“The silky and textured finish of the paint, along with its anti-carbonation and weather-resistant properties, will ensure that potential clients do not need to think twice before considering it for their building façade,” he concludes.

Hempel was founded in 1915 by J C Hempel and has grown to become one of the largest independent suppliers of marine and protective coatings in the world.

Currently, Hempel has 19 factories, 49 sales offices, two main and six regional research and development centres, and more than 150 stock points strategically located around the world. Hempel’s solutions and services cover five main market segments such as protective, marine, container, yacht and decorative.