The Armani/Dada Checkers kitchen ... the distinguished style of Giorgio Armani.

FINASI has launched in the UAE the Checkers exclusive kitchen line that has been developed by a joint venture of the Armani Group and Dada, a part of Molteni Group, an Italian leader in furnishings.

Finasi, a Gargash Group company, is the UAE arm of Molteni&C and Dada, both part of Molteni Group.

“Finasi is proud to launch the Armani/Dada Checkers kitchen in the UAE. It carries the distinguished style of Giorgio Armani and the use of extensively researched materials, which the Molteni Group has always given great importance to,” says Matteo Pellegrini, general manager of Finasi, which is the exclusive representative of the Armani/Dada range of kitchens.

The Armani/Dada collection was born of the partnership between the Armani Group and Dada for the production and distribution of kitchen systems, interpreting and conveying excellent Armani style in this sector too. The collaboration between the two groups was intended to bring the simplicity and elegance of Italian style to the world.

The Tivali kitchen by Dada – in many ways, the precursor of the Armani/Dada line of kitchens – was customised in terms of colours and finishes for some 144 Armani residences at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The Checkers kitchen is the third and latest addition to Armani/Dada kitchen range, following its predecessors, Bridge – launched in 2008 and Calyx, in 2009.

The Tivali kitchen ... the Burj Khalifa features a customised version.

True to the Giorgio Armani style, the design of Checkers is simple, sober and linear. Checkers is a functional kitchen, streamlined and efficient in its technological apparatus and specialised appliances. It is a highly practical workspace, designed to simplify every activity and make it a pleasure.

“Created for great spaces of large dimensions, Checkers defines a larger-scale kitchen that envisages several types that develop in linear, corner or wall compositions, and is available in a wide range of materials, finishes and colours that allow the personalisation of every composition from an aesthetic standpoint,” says Pellegrini.

Checkers interprets the home workspace through a sensorial approach that develops from a refined and exclusive research of materials, finishes and colours. It emphasises sophisticated and integral elegance, subtly visible in smooth 3D-effect surfaces, clear-cut geometrical forms that give order to the functional system and essential volumes that underline the architectonic elements of the project.

“Checkers is in perfect harmony with Armani style and conceives a sophisticated and comfortable environment, a space of great atmosphere that conceals an internal solid functional element, able to satisfy even the most rigorous professional requirements,” says Pellegrini.

Finasi was established in the UAE in 2007 with the purpose of making some of the renowned brands accessible to the discerning customers in the Middle East. The company has focused on style and detail, ensuring that it is reflected in all projects, whether they are apartment renovations or large turnkey projects.

Following its success in the market, Finasi opened a sprawling 1,000-sq-m showroom on Al Ittihad Road in 2009. Since then, the unique styles and designs in the showroom have served as a source of inspiration for interior designers and customers alike, he says.

In addition to interiors, Finasi has a dedicated division for architectural materials for façade application. In this sector, Finasi represents two major German companies: KME, the world’s largest manufacturer of copper and copper alloy; and Okalux, one of the international market leaders for functional, innovative and design-oriented insulating glass.

The Molteni Group consists of four companies, each one at the forefront in its sector: Molteni&C for home furnishings, Dada for kitchens, Citterio and Unifor for office furnishings. The group is present in over 50 countries all over the world.