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Hansgrohe focuses on sustainability

“By 2025, we will have converted 75 per cent of our showers to EcoSmart,” says Wolf.

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in Hansgrohe's DNA, and it is a core value that guides every aspect of its business, says the leading German manufacturer of showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks.

The company was one of the first in the sanitation industry to start looking at water and energy efficiency of its products and its research and development department has been passionately working on new technologies such as EcoSmart and CoolStart that reduce consumption of these resources.

Hansgrohe says its commitment to sustainability is reflected in its EcoSmart technologies, which use up to 60 per cent less water than standard products, without compromising on performance, while with CoolStart, faucets only run cold water in the handle centre position unlike standard faucets, where energy is consumed immediately. With CoolStart, the plumbing doesn’t get filled with unneeded hot water. 

Hansgrohe is now focusing on ensuring all its sanitary products come fitted with water-saving technologies as standard by 2030.

“In concrete terms, this means that by 2030 all water-bearing products will be available exclusively with water-saving technologies,” Andreas Wolf, Head of Middle East & CIS at Hansgrohe, tells Gulf Construction. “By 2025, we will already have converted 75 per cent of our overhead and hand-held showers to EcoSmart. Thereafter, half of all washbasin faucets will also operate on the basis of EcoSmart or CoolStart technology – with the usual showering pleasure and no restrictions on functions.”

He continues: “By far, our greatest lever for saving water, energy and thus carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is to reduce the water consumption of products during their many years of use.

“This is particularly true as long as energy sources with high emission values are mainly used for hot water production. Energy demand for hot water increased by 25 per cent from 2010 to 2019, which is above average compared to other household energy demands.  Reducing the need for fresh hot water is our major goal. That is why we will convert our entire shower and faucet portfolio to ECO by 2030,” he explains.

According to Hansgrohe, EcoSmart technology reduces water consumption down to 8 litres per minute (l/min) for overhead and hand showers (green products on Hansgrohe showers consume just 6 l/min), while Hansgrohe faucets on sinks and bathtubs require just 5 litres of water per minute as standard (EcoSmart+ products even consume just 4 l/min at 3 bar).

Less hot water consumption means reduced energy consumption and costs, and this in turn means lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The EcoSmart technology helps maintain a constant flow, even when water pressure fluctuates or is low, the manufacturer adds.

Hansgrohe says its showers and faucets equipped with EcoSmart technology use up to 60 per cent less water than conventional products, which translates into lower energy requirements.

“All in all, that means fewer CO2 emissions and lower costs, meaning EcoSmart is good for the environment and your wallet,” Wolf points out. “Your water and energy bill will show just how efficiently EcoSmart works. While Hansgrohe EcoSmart resides within your sanitary product, its effect is obvious: EcoSmart ensures comprehensive savings, which isn’t just good for your eco-record when it comes to resource consumption, but also for your budget.”

The “green company team” of the group has defined 10 initiatives with concrete objectives and projects that impact water, energy and thus CO2 and include, among others, the green production, products and packaging initiatives.

Hansgrohe is already climate-neutral at all its sites worldwide. 

Hansgrohe develops products on the basis of its 10 Eco-Design principles. As a result, its products conserve water cycles and resources, and protect the climate throughout their entire life cycle, he adds.

With its strong brands Axor and hansgrohe, the group has consistently and steadily made a name for itself as a leader in innovation, quality and design.

“Firmly rooted in our conviction that water is synonymous with life, our cutting-edge innovations enable us to deliver products that harmonise with nature, seamlessly integrating sustainability without the slightest compromise to the user experience,” Wolf points out.

He adds that Hansgrohe uses environment-friendly, plastic-free packaging, which is resource-saving in production and 100 per cent recyclable. This applies to both product and transport packaging.

“All suppliers and logistics partners contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. By 2030, all A-Level suppliers will have implemented an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001,” Wolf states.

Hansgrohe is currently supplying its product solutions to a number of prestigious developments in the region including some projects in the Red Sea, Fairmont Ramla Riyadh, St Regis Riyadh, King Abdullah Financial District, Marriott Hotel Jeddah, Radisson Blu Riyadh, KAIA Airport Jeddah, King Abdul Aziz University and many more.