The World Cement Association (WCA) has announced that its sixth annual conference and exhibition will take place in Dubai from October 24 to 25 under the theme ‘Improving Profitability in a Time of Multiple Global Crises.’

The conference will see global industry leaders come together and discuss pressing issues that the cement and wider hard-to-abate sectors face, share their expertise, and shed light on any missed opportunities, said the association.

This year’s theme will be a crucial point of discussion for cement industry stakeholders, as the sector continues to face several issues, such as rising energy prices, supply chain disruptions, increased market competition, and the ever-increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions.

Attendees to the WCA event will be able to participate in various discussions and listen to presentations on improving cost efficiency, advances in new technologies targeting the reduction of energy intensity and CO2 emissions, new products and materials, changes in global market conditions and many other topics, it added.

The WCA is the largest independent organisation that works on behalf of the cement and clinker industry and its stakeholders, with offices in London and Beijing.