Otis One IoT-enabled connected elevators ... now available in the region.

Otis Worldwide Corporation, a global leader in elevator and escalator manufacturing, installation and service, has introduced its Otis One IoT service platform in the Middle East.

The digital service solution improves performance and equipment uptime by delivering real-time performance information and predictive insights for Otis and non-Otis elevators and escalators, says the company. The solution combines the company’s more than 30 years of remote monitoring experience with the latest in cloud technology, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Otis One provides transparent, real-time monitoring to customers and service professionals, and can proactively identify and addresses potential issues to keep elevators and escalators running, and – in the event of a shutdown – resume service faster, says the US-headquartered company.

It is now available in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Aren ... cities require smart vertical mobility.

Aren ... cities require smart vertical mobility.

“Smart and sustainable cities require smart vertical mobility. With the Otis One solution, we are proud to support our customers in the Middle East to achieve their goals as they create and develop ambitious urbanisation programs as part of UAE Next 50, Dubai 2040 and Saudi Vision 2030,” says Ozgur Aren, Market Group Leader, Otis Middle East, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and CIS.

Powered by sensors installed on the elevators and escalators, the Otis One solution continuously monitors performance and can notify maintenance teams of their condition.

“Often, issues can be resolved remotely and before a breakdown. If technicians need to be dispatched on site, they can access fault information and the parts needed for repair in advance, making it possible to quickly and effectively return the elevator to service,” Aren points out.

Otis One also powers the eView display in-car screen. During normal operation, the eView display can share information such as news and building updates with passengers. In the event of a technical breakdown, the screen can turn into an innovative video connection between the passengers in the elevator car and Otis experts at the Otisline customer centre.