Guardian Glass, one of the largest glass producers and innovators in the world, has unveiled an advanced anti-reflective coated glass – Guardian Clarity Neutral – that was developed to meet the growing desire for higher transparency, neutral-looking glass for architectural projects, as well as special-purpose applications such as digital signage, retail storefronts and museum displays.

Compared to the current version of Guardian Clarity anti-reflective glass (0.7 per cent reflectivity), Clarity Neutral provides even higher transparency (0.6 per cent) by reducing the bluish reflections that remain in the glass, resulting in a more neutral remaining reflected colour. Even in low or diffused background light conditions, Clarity Neutral reduces undesirable light reflection and refraction across more angles and light frequencies. The new glass also benefits from lower haze and colour shift after being heat treated, according to a company spokesman.

Liam Williamson, European Product Commercialisation Manager at Guardian Glass, comments: “Clarity Neutral provides the very highest transparency of any of our products. In architectural monolithic applications such as facades, curtain walls and viewing areas, architects will have more freedom to create visually stunning, crystal clear, transparent glazing that blends the building in with its surroundings. In special purpose applications such as retail storefronts, museum showcases,  Clarity Neutral reduces reflections and glare to such an extent that the glass appears almost invisible, providing clearer, uninterrupted, more natural views through the glass.”