The 815Q from Amco Veba’s expanded Quality Line.

Leading crane manufacturer Amco Veba has further strengthened its position in the truck-mounted cranes segment by boosting its range of Quality Line and New Generation (NG) Line cranes.

The company has launched three new models in the Quality Line, which comprise mid-size hydraulic cranes with 10tm, 15tm, 20tm class lifting capacity for No CE markets.

The 810Q, 815Q and 820Q models are all rack and pinion without linkage and have between one and six extensions. 

“Visually, crane models of the Quality Line can be recognised by their high-quality painting treatment and modern design, by the boom pack with conventional hexagonal profile and a new user-friendly control station improving comfort during operation,” says Giuseppe Bevacqua, Product Manager Cranes.

A radio remote control version is also available. The cranes support a range of accessories including winch, additional extra functions for attachments, oil cooler, working lights and an audible/visual warning device.

 “This restyling of the classic line into the Quality Line is not only aesthetical but also functional, positioning the range alongside our New Generation Line in appearance and also raising the functionality and performance of Amco Veba’s No CE cranes,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Amco Veba has added the 40tm family to its highly successful New Generation (NG) Line cranes.  The new range promises high performance, maximum efficiency and high level of reliability, says the Italy-headquartered company.

Created utilising a structured design and build process, from concept to field operation, these New Generation cranes cover all possible applications by offering top performance, ease of use and maintenance and the highest level of modularity in models, features and accessories, the company states.

“Enhanced stability, the most ergonomic working positions and user-friendly interfaces combine to deliver accurate and safe operation with reduced risk of truck capsize. A variety of radio remote controls and stabiliser configurations are available,” says Davide Catellani, Line of Business Director.

The 40tm family comprises five models, three of which are rack and pinion (941 NG, 941 NG C and 944 NG) and two are of the endless slewing types (VR41 NG and VR44 NG).

The cranes have from two to eight extensions, providing 8.02 to 20.90 m maximum outreach, and 10 tm jib (not available for NG C version short boom).

According to Catellani, some of the innovative features of the cranes which boost operator efficiency and safety include:

•  Magic Touch (MT), which allows the driver to open the crane from transport position and back, at the touch of a button;

•  Dynamic Load Diagram (DLD), which optimises stabilisation and allows the driver to verify in advance the crane lifting capacity based on truck stability; and

•  DLD Simulator, which shows the operator the possible working area for different scenarios of load and stabiliser extension before use.

Available as option in dedicated markets is the new feature Connect 4.0, an innovative accessory designed to increase customer efficiency through an internet connection to the cloud where all relevant data are stored to support crane operation and maintenance.

Catellani points out that operating performance is maximised with all the standard features of the tried-and-tested New Generation range. These include articulated stabiliser feet for better stability, safety, and longer cylinder life; hoses and pipes running inside the stabiliser beams to guarantee a longer lifetime; Sprint Generation System (SGS) to increase the speed of extensions without compromising safety; Soft Descent Drive (SDD) to reduce oscillation and assure perfect control and double linkage to improve versatility in many different working positions.

These cranes also feature a high-pressure filter, stability control system, soft closing retraction to reduce oscillation of the load during retraction, a centralised greasing system that makes regular maintenance easier, and manual control as well as a wide range of radio controls.

Catellani comments: “We are proud to add this new range of 40tm cranes to our New Generation Line. It ensures high performance, maximum efficiency and high level of reliability, together with a wide range of innovative features and variety of accessories and attachments, making them ideally suited to many applications from construction to logistics; oil and gas to mining, and maintenance to rental.”