Danube Building Materials has announced its foray into a new product line – Decorative Wraps – which was launched at its new showroom Experience Centre in Al Quoz, Dubai.

“Decorative wraps bring opulence to one’s living or commercial spaces with their high-quality material that embody a variety of emotions in their grains and texture to transform a space. The brand offers a wide variety of metal, concrete, marble, woodgrain, and solid options,” says a spokesman for the company.

The decorative vinyl wraps are extremely easy to maintain and are durable in nature, being easy to clean, install and eco-friendly, he says. Every design has been carefully curated to match the requirements of the end user or match the vision of an interior designer or an architect who is looking to create an attractive space, but wants to eliminate the heavy cost of spending on concrete tiles, and wants a quick turnaround time but won’t compromise on the aesthetic look of the space.

CEO of Danube Building Materials, Madhusudan Rao, says: “Danube is a leader in the building materials space. We are continually looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and provide added value to our consumers. We found a gap in the home furnishing space, as metal, wood and marble are materials which are exorbitant in terms of pricing and aren’t as durable in terms of shelf life. To fill this gap in the market, our decorative wraps products seamlessly fit the bill, whereby a customer’s needs for aesthetic products are met at an affordable price point, with less downtime, zero mess, less clutter, and a great looking space.”