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Limak constructs landmarks in region

Kuwait airport’s T2 project ... the scope covers construction of the new terminal, central plant and utility tunnels, among other facilities.

Limak Construction of Turkey, which has built a sound reputation in its home country since its establishment over four decades ago, has been demonstrating its prowess in a diverse range of mega infrastructure projects in the Gulf region since it broke into the Kuwait market barely a dozen years ago.

Among the most prestigious projects in its portfolio is the showpiece Kuwait International Airport Terminal Two (T2) project, which is the largest contract value earned by a Turkish contracting company abroad, according to Ebru Özdemir, Chairperson of Limak Construction.

Its expertise in executing the $4.4-billion contract has since earned it a second contract on the T2 project – the car-park building and associated works.

An artist’s impression of the terminal.

An artist’s impression of the terminal.

“We have begun work on the tender for the terminal’s second construction project, the multi-storey car-parking building, connecting roads, bridges and landscaping works,” Özdemir tells Gulf Construction.

In addition, in October 2020, Limak initiated a two-year maintenance period by gaining the provisional acceptance of the South Abdullah Mubarak infrastructure project, which the company started in April 2018, she adds.

In Kuwait, which is its largest market in the region, Limak is also working on the Al-Mutlaa Housing Project and the Infectious (Communicable) Disease Hospital, which is nearing completion.

While last year was an unprecedented one due to the Covid-19 pandemic which is affecting every aspect of our lives, “despite all odds, 2020 was filled with accomplishments at Limak,” Özdemir says. “Our projects successfully created an impact in both the world of construction and Turkey’s economy.”

Within its home country, Limak Construction completed the construction of the Çetin Dam and HEPP (Hydrolectric Power Plant) in a record period of 2.5 years, which is already contributing to Turkey’s economy. The company is also engaged in the construction of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Malkara-Çanakkale Motorway Project, which is expected to be the world’s longest suspension bridge with a span of 2.023 m when completed in 2023.

The Jubail-Riyadh Water Transmission project ... expected to be completed next year.

The Jubail-Riyadh Water Transmission project ... expected to be completed next year.

Another key ongoing project in Turkey is the Istanbul Airport, the first phase of which is operational. 

In Saudi Arabia, Limak Construction’s services have been enlisted for the Jubail-Riyadh water transmission line.  The company had earlier completed work on the Ras Al Khair-Riyadh and Ras Al Khair-Hafar Al Batin Water supply lines.

In Qatar, Limak Construction is showcasing its expertise in the construction of roads with the D-Ring Road Improvement Works, which were awarded to Limak last September, and construction of Duhail Intersection and Al Gharaffa Street.

In Iraq, it is working on the Baghdad Power Plant renovation and infrastructure improvement and Gali-Zakho Tunnel and Approach Roads.



The Kuwait International Airport project is being handled by Limak İnşaat Kuwait, which was established in 2016 through the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA), and was the first construction company to set up a local entity in Kuwait.

Under a contract awarded by Kuwait’s Ministry of Public Works in 2016, Limak was assigned the responsibility for the construction, completion, furnishing, and maintenance of the Terminal Two project.

The scope of works involves construction of the new terminal building, central plant building, water tank building, switching substations, utility tunnels and enabling works, over a 750,000-sq-m site.

The futuristic Fosters + Partners-designed terminal will have a capacity to handle 25 million passengers per year with an initial capacity of 51 gates and stands; and the ability to serve 21 A380s simultaneously.

Designed to International Air Transport Association (IATA) Level of Service A, the new passenger terminal is targeting to be one of the first airport terminals in the world to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification.

The building will generate its own solar energy by combining a network of solar energy panels installed on the roof with the thermal characteristics of concrete construction, according to Limak.

Work on the contract is scheduled for completion in August 2022.

Commenting on how Limak is tackling the challenges of the project, a spokesperson says: “We have worked with reputable and experienced international consultants and designers and utilised applications with high technological capabilities. We have also built high-tech fabrication and concrete casting plants on site to speed up the construction process. In addition, we have adopted computer numerical controlled (CNC) double-curvature adaptive moulds as well as sand-blasting robots and thermal sprayed aluminium (TSA) coating robots.”

In July 2020, Limak was awarded the $561-million contract to handle the construction, completion and maintenance of Package Two of the T2 project, which consists of a car-park building and escape tunnel (capacity: 5,137 cars), landside external works and landscaping, the roof, packaged wastewater treatment plant, roads and bridges, stormwater storage tanks, water supply and utility lines and warehouse.

Apart from the airport projects, Limak is providing its expertise for a number of housing projects including the Al-Mutlaa Housing Project, which is Kuwait’s largest housing infrastructure project. Work on the $94-million project, which is expected to be completed in April 2022, involves the construction and maintenance of public buildings and infrastructure works for Suburb N11.

The company has recently completed infrastructure works covering 3,260 plots of the South Abdullah Al-Mubarak Housing Project. Earlier, it had also carried out West Abdullah Al-Mubarak Infrastructure Works.

Limak in joint venture with Ozge and BNCC is also completing work on the Infectious (Communicable) Disease Hospital under a $178.9-million contract.


Saudi Arabia

Among its ongoing projects in the kingdom is the Jubail-Riyadh Water Transmission Line, a 412-km-long twin pipeline – one of the largest water transmission systems worldwide – which will transport 1.2 million cu m of potable water per day.

The $445-million contract, which is expected to be completed next year, involves the construction, supply and installation of all equipment for three pumping stations, a tank farm with 14 steel tanks, reservoir stations and connection stations and complete hydraulic design, control and communication system, electrical power systems, testing and commissioning.


Duhail Intersection ... a key project in Qatar.

Duhail Intersection ... a key project in Qatar.


A  Limak+UCC+Infraroad joint venture is undertaking work on the D-Ring Road Improvement – which involves the expansion of the road and infrastructure on the D-Ring, including three intersections, and the conversion of Freez Al Ali intersection into an underpass. Work is due for completion in February next year.

The same joint venture partners are engaged on a $265-million contract for the construction of Duhail Intersection and Al Gharaffa Street and Al Waab Street Interim Improvement Works, which are targeted for completion in April 2022.


Northern Marmara Motorway in Turkey ... completed by Limak.

Northern Marmara Motorway in Turkey ... completed by Limak.


Having completed Phase One of Istanbul Airport in 2018, Limak has been working the second phase since 2019 in a joint venture (Cengiz-Kolin-Limak-Mapa-Kalyon) which is handling the construction and operation of the project. Operations of Phase One commenced in April 2019. The €22.152 billion ($26.43 billion) contract runs for a concession period of 25 years.

The airport’s initial capacity is 90 million passengers per year and this is targeted to ultimately reach 200 million.

Meanwhile, the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Malkara-Çanakkale Motorway, a $2.99-billion project, is being carried out by a joint venture of Limak-Yapı Merkezi- Daelim-SK.

Among the prominent projects Limak has successfully completed in the country are LimakPort İskenderun, Ankara High-Speed Train Station and Northern Marmara Motorway Section Four and Six.


Overseas success

Commenting on Limak’s success in the overseas markets, Özdemir says: “Essentially, the keys to the success of an international contractor are an established presence, a long-term commitment to the region, competitive prices and a willingness to localise their efforts.

“As an international contractor, our ability to undertake complex projects in an array of sectors such as infrastructure, hospitals, airports and many more, emphasises Limak’s technical capabilities, highly trained personnel and competence in taking on challenging projects globally.”

Limak Construction, established in 1976, specialises in all infrastructure and superstructure projects, including airports, ports, highways, dams, hydroelectric power plants, treatment plants, factories, industrial plants, pipelines, multiple-use structures and hotel constructions. The company has successfully completed many large EPC model projects ahead of schedule.

As of 2021, Limak Construction ranked 61st among the Top 250 International Contractors’ according to Engineering News Record (ENR) and is recognised as one of the fastest-growing construction companies in the world.

“Limak continues to grow – with over 50,000 employees and leading projects in 14 different countries all over the world  – and we aim to rank among the top three in every sector we operate in regionally, while also acquiring our target investments to aid our growth on a global level,” Özdemir concludes.