Dubai Municipality has launched a new green building rating system called  Al Safat (date palm fronds in Arabic), which will be applicable to all types of upcoming buildings – residential, commercial, industrial and other facilities, said a report.

The rating is split into four classifications: platinum, gold, silver and bronze (in the descending order) and every building must adhere to the minimum bronze category requirements.

Under this system, all new buildings in the emirate will now be rated based on the implementation of its green building standards and those failing to meet the minimum rating criteria will not be given permits, reported the Gulf News, citing a top municipal official.

The initiative is designed to achieve high performance of buildings to promote human and environmental health by strengthening the planning, design, implementation, and operation phases of buildings, remarked Hussain Nasser Lootah, the director general of Dubai Municipality.

The concept aims to achieve a smart, sustainable city status for Dubai by 2021, he added.

The system will be applicable to all upcoming buildings and to those built since the mandatory implementation of the green building code in Dubai in 2014.

While Al Safat will be mandatory for new buildings taking permits from September 1, buildings that have already certified as green too must apply for a new certificate.