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he Synergy collection ... uses DuPont Corian’s DeepColour Technology.

New bathroom range in DuPont’s techno-surface

FIR Italia has launched its new Synergy bathroom collections that include taps and shower-heads with details made in DuPont Corian’s techno-surface.

The sinuous forms of these collections, which are inspired by nature, satisfy a variety of aesthetic tastes, through the exploration of form and colour, including the new dark colours made possible by DeepColour Technology of DuPont Corian, says a spokesman for the Italian taps and fittings manufacturer.

DeepColour Technology (a patent-pending invention) is a new option created by DuPont to meet the needs of industrial companies, architects, designers and consumers looking for advanced materials in dark colours offering high performance, elegance, reliability and hygiene.

Commenting on the design, Francesco Lucchese, the designer of the collections, says: “We wanted to pay homage to nature: wind, water and sun have always been working together, shaping matter moment by moment for hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of years, sculpting it differently each time.”

Synergy is divided into three areas of taste: Synergy Open, Synergy Cover and Synergy Stone. The shower-heads from Fir Italia’s Chromotherapy offering, made with DuPont Corian’s high-tech surface in Deep Nocturne, include RGB LED (light-emitting diode) lighting to evoke emotions and moods, and allow the possibility to perfectly match colours to the user’s moods.


DuraStyle ... rimless.

DuraStyle ... rimless.

Duravit extends rimless series

HAVING launched rimless toilets for the DuraStyle bathroom series last year, designer bathrooms manufacturer Duravit is now extending its range of rimless toilets to the Happy D.2 and Darling New design series.

The rimless toilets in the DuraStyle, Happy D.2 and Darling New series offer an efficient solution wherever optimum hygiene and short cleaning times are required: the open design of the flushing rim ensures an innovative and powerful flow of water with outstanding flushing results. The water enters the bowl evenly and powerfully so that the entire interior surface is fully rinsed during the flushing process, according to a spokesperson for the Germany-based company.

“As a modern wall-mounted toilet of the 4.5-litre generation, the rimless model delivers perfect flushing results, even with small water volumes, and so also helps to save water,” says the spokesperson. “The open and easily accessible rim area makes the bowl much easier to keep clean. All rimless toilets are optionally available with the WonderGliss coating. This prevents dirt from gaining a hold and any residue is simply flushed away with the water, thus keeping the entire inside bowl spotlessly clean.”

All rimless versions are available as wall-mounted toilets with a 54-cm projection. In addition to the classic variant with a 54-cm projection, there is now also a barrier-free solution with a 70-cm projection for the DuraStyle Rimless.

The combination of rimless technology and the SensoWash shower-toilet seat offers particular advantages, uniting design and function with individual comfort, he says.



Interface evokes ‘Human Nature’

GLOBAL carpet tile manufacturer Interface has launched Human Nature, its latest collection that has been designed to evoke the senses and spark the human creative spirit through light, colour, texture and detail.

Designed by David Oakey, a leader in sustainable design practices, it takes cues from the visual, tactile textures found in the most elemental of floor coverings – forest floors, grassy fields and pebbled garden paths.

The collection is said to provide a foundation for organisations to curate beautiful spaces that inspire beautiful thinking.

“The more we learn about our natural world, the more we’re inspired to change the way we approach design,” says Chip DeGrace, Interface’s executive creative director.

Human Nature features five 25 cm by 1 m skinny plank carpet tile patterns that pair seamlessly with 50 by 50 cm square tiles, to help compose imaginative floor designs and encourage design diversity.

The planks are also available in a range of textures, from tumbled pebbles to freshly cut grass, helping to delineate different working spaces.

The Human Nature planks offer a significant advantage over hardwood flooring, absorbing sound and improving acoustics, creating more comfortable, productive work environments.