Leading Belgian construction company Besix has announced that DMCC’s Uptown Tower has won top honours at this year's Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Awards of Excellence, for setting new standards in smart and sustainable urban planning.
Uptown Tower, an integral and impressive part of Dubai's skyline, reflects DMCC's strategic vision to enhance the architectural landscape of Dubai and set new standards in smart, sustainable urban planning. 
For Besix, the tower marks a significant milestone in its ongoing effort to transform the construction landscape, ensuring the integration of aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility.
The top accolades for DMCC tower included the awards for Best Tall Building by Height (300m and above); Best Tall Building by Region (Middle East & Africa) and Excellence in Construction.
The Uptown Tower was commended at the CTBUH Awards ceremony for its key features and innovative construction technologies; sustainability efforts and efficiency and safety in design.
It boasts 27 elevators, including the first-ever Schindler 7000 double-deck elevator in the Middle East as well as a pioneering robotic system for elevator installation.
Home to the world's largest solar power installation on a construction site and aiming for LEED Gold certification, the tower showcases Besix’s commitment to environmental stewardship.
According to Besix, the integration of advanced digital tools such as IoT, ProperGate, and Sablono enhanced efficiency and safety during the construction phase, even amidst challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic.
The tower’s water-saving systems were integrated to encourage responsible resource use while its segmentation into residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces optimizes energy efficiency, it stated.
Besix pointed out that it maintained a strong safety record throughout the construction of Uptown Tower, underscoring its rigorous safety protocols and commitment to the wellbeing of the workforce. 
At its peak, the project saw daily participation from 3,300 workers, demonstrating robust management and coordination, it stated.
Besix said the project was mounted on a massive scale and involved the installation of 8,542 glass panels and at its peak, saw 3,300 workers on-site daily. 
More than 23,000 concrete trucks delivered approximately 140,000 cu m of concrete, alongside some 30,000 tonnes of steel used for reinforcement, illustrating the project's substantial scale and the complex logistical operations involved.
"Partnering with DMCC allowed the realisation of this challenging project," remarked Jean-Pol Bouharmont, the Managing Director of Besix Middle East.
"These awards from CTBUH not only recognize the tower’s architectural and engineering feats but also underscore our collective commitment to excellence," he stated.
Wassim Hijazi, Senior Project Manager, said: "The success of Uptown Tower at the CTBUH Awards of Excellence is a testament to the powerful synergy and exceptional skills showcased by the collaborative team from Besix, DMCC, and their representatives."
The CTBUH Awards ceremony will take place in London this September.-TradeArabia News Service