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New CIFA pump is ‘designed for region’

The K56L has a 56-m boom of the type RZ which comes in five sections.

Italian concrete equipment specialist CIFA says its new K56L truck-mounted pump is the first choice for working on large-scale construction sites in a safer way and has been designed to fulfil the requirements of even the most demanding concrete placing jobs, including those in the Middle East.

“The concrete pump, which was launched in May is a heavy-duty and versatile machine par excellence,” remarks Marco Polastri, CIFA’s Director of Sales, Aftersales and Marketing.

“High-capacity pours and large distribution areas are the ideal tasks for this machine, which is equipped with an open loop or closed loop pumping unit with capacity of up to 180 cu m/h and mounted on an 8x4 truck (10x4 for Europe),” he adds.

The new K56L truck-mounted pump has been designed to build up on and enhance the impressive reliability of the previous 55-m boom model in the Steeltech range whilst keeping the equipment’s total cost of ownership down.  As a result, CIFA has produced a high-performance pump with a considerably low operating cost, he points out.

“This product is part of the optimisation project for the Steeltech range in a bid to have key models capable of covering a broad range of needs, while maximising the sharing of parts and components between them,” says Polastri. “For us, it is important to provide companies with high-performance and easy-to-use-and-maintain machinery.”

He continues: “A common problem for many manufacturers is the difficulty of finding specialised operators, so for them to be able to count on intuitive and easy-to-maintain machinery is certainly an advantage, also in economic terms. Indeed, our machinery is the result of our ability to to put ourselves in the user’s shoes.”

So, what makes the new K56L truck pump so special?

Polastri explains: “It is its refined heavy-duty design, extreme safety and smart stabilisation. The machine actually exploits its full power, thanks to an intuitive and efficient integrated system.”

Smartronic, the brain of the machine is a real benchmark in terms of smart management of the truck-mounted pump that speeds up operations whilst preventing any manoeuvring errors, he says. This is thanks, in particular, to the following features:

•  ASC (Advanced Stability Control) that enables the operator to get the most out of the machine in safe conditions and stops the boom movements. The system is intelligent and maximises the work area based on the effective opening of the stabilisers. When approaching a limit situation, it works by first slowing down the boom, and eventually stopping it before reaching a critical stability configuration.

•  MBE (Maximum Boom Extension), a predictive system that gives the operator the maximum distance that can be reached with the boom with a partial opening of the stabilisation, before unfolding the boom.


Always connected

The capabilities of the K56L truck-mounted pump are further boosted by CIFA Vista, a powerful tool to manage and monitor the company’s fleet. This software uses a control unit that collects machine data and transmits them to the portal created for the purpose via the supplied data-only sim card.

“With the simple and intuitive interface of CIFA Vista, it is possible to collect both real-time data from the machine and those previously stored. In this way, you can follow the evolution of multiple parameters – such as daily productivity or fuel consumption – keep all the working flows under careful control,” he adds.

Built with highly resistant wear components, the K56L truck-mounted pump has a 56-m boom of the type RZ which comes in five sections.  Three pumping units are available as well as plenty of options.  

 It incorporates a new stabilisation system for fast placement featuring a smart management system, double telescopic front outriggers and rear swing-out outriggers. The front stabilisers occupy a minimum footprint, while asymmetric outriggers configuration is possible, says CIFA.