Jubail II SWRO plant is a 24-month project with a commissioning date set for February 2022.

Metito, a global leader in the provision of total intelligent water management and alternative energy solutions, has been awarded a contract by Sepco Electric Power Construction Corporation (Sepco III) to develop the Jubail-II SWRO 400,000 cu m/d seawater desalination plant project.

The Jubail II SWRO plant is a 24-month project with a commissioning date set for February 2022. The plant will serve Jubail city in the Eastern Province.

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) will commission this state-of-the-art SWRO project worth SR495 million ($132 million).

Deputy Governor for Technical Affairs and Projects, SWCC, Engineer Sharekh Ibrahim Al Sharekh said: “We are the world’s largest producers of desalinated water and holds the Guinness World Record for the same. We generate potable water from various plants across the east and west coasts of the kingdom and transport the water to end users through advanced transportation systems feeding multiple regions and cities.

“The Jubail II project located on the east coast – home to the record-breaking power plant and the world’s largest plant using modern hybrid desalination technology – is a step forward towards achieving the SWCC’s strategic goals of meeting the increasing water demand.”

“Through leading such strategic projects, SWCC plays a vital role in localising the desalination industry by integration with national entities, companies and institutions to achieve common goals and ensuring world-class projects and operations by harnessing the capabilities and exchanging experiences with entities such as Sepco III and Metito,” he added.

Metito said it has been subcontracted by Sepco III, after winning a competitive tender for the design, engineering, procurement, supervision of installation, commissioning of the plant including process, mechanical, electrical, and automation systems using innovative technologies such as a state-of-the-art Distributed Control System (DCS).

Metito’s scope is fast-tracked and mandated to be concluded in 14 months.

Metito Managing Director Fady Juez said: “The Jubail II is a prestigious and challenging project serving a strategic community of local and international significance. We are particularly proud working with Sepco III for a project commissioned for the SWCC, with whom we have built a trusting and successful relationship throughout the years.

“The project will be a milestone for Metito being the first SWRO plant of this capacity to be engineered by the company in the Mena region. This, and the fact that our scope is fast tracked makes us both proud and humbled by the reputation of quality and trust we have earned across 60 years of experience in this critical industry,” he added.