Naqel, one of the largest domestic logistics service providers in Saudi Arabia, has created through its subsidiaries in Europe, the Speed Box, which offers integrated logistics services door to door from all the European Union cities to all the cities of the kingdom.

The product is characterised by fast delivery sea freight within two weeks, and reduced costs compared to air freight, Naqel said.

The company is currently targeting the construction sector, catering to spare parts, machinery and normal shipments, with the service limited to dry containers at the moment, a spokesman for Naqel told Gulf Construction.

“Our goal is to reach all importers from Europe to Saudi Arabia, especially factories and others that import from Germany and Italy,” he added.

The Italian port of Genoa has been identified as the main connection point through which all shipments from Europe are collected and shipped to Jeddah Islamic Port in a record period. These are then cleared by customs through Naqel’s terminal in the port’s retention zone, with the possibility of storing them in the retention zone as per clients’ requirements, and finally delivering them to all regions and cities of the kingdom through its network.

“This product complies with Naqel’s constant keenness to develop its services, and implement its strategy based on enhancing the position of the kingdom as a major centre to support its logistical network in the region, in addition to its continuous response to meet the market needs aiming at finding logistical solutions for international transportation that guarantee quality, speed and reduce costs, especially with the decline in the capacity of international air cargo affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,” the spokesman said.