The UAE-headquartered Al Hamad will undertake the construction of Jordan Gate, one of the key components of Gulf Finance House’s (GFH) $1 billion Royal Metropolis project in Jordan.

Hilton International will be appointed to operate the hotel component of Jordan Gate, said GFH chief executive officer Esam Janahi.
The announcement came as King Abdullah of Jordan laid the foundation stone for Jordan Gate, the first phase of Royal Metropolis.
Jordan Gate will be a futuristic development comprising two high-rise office towers connected to a shopping mall and a services area. 
The development, to be built at a prime location at 6 Circle in Amman, will occupy the highest point in the city and upon completion will be visible from every part of the capital.
Covering an area of around 28,500 sq m, these buildings will together encompass a built-up area of approximately 220,000 sq m.
Jordan Gate will be developed in partnership with the Greater Amman Municipality and Kuwait Finance and Investment Company.