TCM offers marine forklift models

Leading construction equipment manufacturer TCM claims that its range of forklift trucks – which includes models designed specifically for the marine construction industry – have got proven capabilities that make them the equipment of choice for the highly corrosive projects in the region.

TCM supplies a series of marine construction specification models for engine and battery-driven vehicles suitable for cargo handling in fishing ports which are exposed to much salt in sea water and fishery markets and at other constantly or frequently wet sites.
Explaining the features that give strength to the range of forklifts, a company spokesman says: “The forklifts come with oil-filled-type lift cylinders protected against corrosion. Their tilt cylinder, power steering wheel and cables are covered with boots, their wheels are coated with anti-corrosion paint, and silicone rubber is applied to their harness. They are designed to prevent rust formation and corrosion, ensuring high performance and efficiency even when exposed to seawater.
“The mast roller is subjected to a special anti-corrosion treatment to prevent rusting of the bearings. The hydraulic cylinder is also treated. In addition oils and greases that ensure superior performance at very low temperatures – minus 35 degrees or less – are also used. The lift bracket roller is phosphate-treated for low temperature operation and rust-prevention. Tilt cylinder boots are fitted for added rust protection.”
In addition, the forklifts boast a range of features such as stainless steel bolts for the floorboard, rear lamp, frame cover, weight cover, hinge, controller cover and bracket, contactor cover and bracket installation bolts. Cushioning materials have been added underside the floorboard and bonnet hinge, the steering roller chain is plated and the frame, mast and weight are protected with special anti-corrosion coating that is highly-resistant to temperature fluctuations.
The electric system has a waterproof coupler and the circular pin is covered with silicone rubber. The controller and contactor covers are fitted with rubber seals and the micro-switch for low temperature use is fitted with a boot.
The marine construction specifications forklifts are available from one to three-tonne diesel or gasoline-powered models, one to three tonne-electric models, and one to 2.5 tonnes for the reach type.
TCM equipment is marketed in Saudi Arabia by the Riyadh-based Aljomaih Equipment Company, which also represents Iveco, Merlo, Nardi and Case New Holland of Italy, Claas and MTU of Germany, Tacom of Japan, Nokka-Tume of Finland, Perkins of the UK, Arcusin of Spain and US-based Valmont Irrigation Systems.
The firm sells a wide range of generator sets and engines, wheel loaders, dozers and graders, concrete mixers, vibratory compactors and asphalt rollers, forklifts and telescopic handlers, marine container straddle carrier and telescopic spreaders and a range of agricultural and irrigation equipment and systems to the Saudi market.