Cifa’s K36L-5 pump ... high performer.

CIFA, a technological leader which offers machines for the production, transport and placing of concrete, has launched its new K36L-5 truck-mounted pump which it describes as a “five-arm pump like never before”.

Unveiled at an online event in July, the high-performance and easy-to-use machine has been also designed to work in tight spaces, according to its Italian manufacturer.

“K36L-5 is a unique machine, indeed the innovative chassis – together with an unbelievable flexible boom and the light weight – make K36L-5 one-of-its-kind in the 30-40 m segment,” says a spokesman for the company.

Part of Cifa’s Steeltech series, the pump has a boom length of 36 m and boasts five boom sections. It offers a maximum vertical reach of 35.1 m and a maximum horizontal distance (from centre of slewing axis) of 30.5 m.

“The K36L-5 has a very smart boom that will enable you to pump in any situation, even the most complex placements. All that is possible thanks to the five sections and above all to the new continuous rotation joint on the last section,” he adds.

The huge difference when using a rotor is in terms of the simplicity of use and time savings, the spokesman explains.

“It is the simplicity of unfolding, thanks to the ability to rotate the last section on both sides; the wide range of use and movements of the last section without moving the rest of the sections; and the ease of use indoors or if the machine is outdoors and needs to be brought indoors,” he remarks.

The K36L-5 boom equipped with a joint enables any boom positioning, in a simple and time-saving way. The new rotor is engineered to fully rotate the last section in both directions and allows the wiring of pneumatic and electrical connections within it.

The baseframe of the K36L-5 have been re-engineered from scratch to match its compactness and lightweight. The key improvement is the linear stabilisation on the rear. This layout makes any placement possible because, compared to the rear swing outriggers, it takes up much less space on the ground, the spokesman states.

Furthermore, this conformation ensures much more space on board the machines. This apart, the K36L-5 was created to be mounted on a three-axle chassis with short wheelbases from 4 to 4.5 m, which makes the machine manoeuvrable even in city centres or in zones with limited space, such as mountainous areas.

Another highlight of this chassis is its lightness, which combined with the boom and a three-axle baseframe, falls well within 26 tons.

Thanks to the automatic functions included in the Smartronic system, stabilisation of the K36L-5 is not only easy but also safe.

Having the K36L-5 with Smartronic Gold means maximising the efficiency of the machine and its safety of use. The Smartronic Gold includes the auto-RPM for the management of the vehicle, the automatic management of the pumping ramps, and, above all, the ASC (Advanced Stability Control) and the MBE (Max Boom Extension).

“ASC represents the best stability system on the market, allowing you to get the most of the use of the machine. The system is intelligent and maximises the work area, depending on the effective opening of the stabilisers. When approaching a limit situation, it performs, first by slowing down the boom, and eventually stopping it before reaching a critical stability configuration,” he says.

“The new MBE function is the most clever system in the concrete word. It gives to the operator the maximum distance that can be reached with the boom with a partial opening of the stabilisation, before unfolding the boom,” the spokesman concludes.