SaMoTer Demo Days was to be held in a quarry from September 30 to October 2 in a province in Milan.

Veronafiere, the organiser of Italy’s premier earthmoving, site and construction machinery industry expo, SaMoTer, has postponed the debut of SaMoTer Demo Days – Outdoor Edition, to 2023.

A live event, SaMoTer Demo Days, was to be held in a quarry from September 30 to October 2 in Vaprio d’Adda (province of Milan).

The decision was shared with trade associations which, together with companies, had expressed great interest from the outset in the launch of this new demo event focusing on construction machinery. It was based on an unforeseen and still rapidly evolving situation, according to the organiser. Following the sprint start in the first quarter of the year, machinery builders all over the world are now finding it difficult to cope with new orders, said experts citing data from Unacea, the Italian construction equipment association. This can be attributed to a combination of three factors on a global scale: increased costs of raw materials, difficulties in finding mechanical components and delays in shipments.

“We are seeing significant growth in the market,” said Mirco Risi, President of Unacea, “but in a very complex context characterised by changeable and uncertain dynamics. Under these circumstances, we take a positive view of Veronafiere’s approach in not forcing the market and proceeding in close harmony with the sector.”

“We note with regret that the variable background conditions make it impossible to hold an event which we had immediately supported,” said Claudio Bassanetti, President of Anepla, the Italian Association of stone quarries and producers belonging to Confindustria.  “However, we are always more than willing to collaborate again in the future with Veronafiere.”

Veronafiere said the 31st edition of SaMoTer  will be held in 2023.