Aerofoam NBR Lap Seal Tubes ... pre-slit closed-cell elastomeric thermal insulation tubes.

Hira Industries, a building and construction products company based in Dubai, UAE, has announced the launch of Aerofoam NBR Lap Seal Tubes, an effective and efficient thermal insulation solution that can be installed in various residential and commercial complexes to provide corrosion protection, whilst improving safety, efficiency, and durability of the building.

Launched for the first time in the UAE market, the Aerofoam NBR Lap Seal Tubes are pre-slit closed-cell elastomeric thermal insulation tubes, which are manufactured with a pre-installed adhesive that helps in reducing the use of additional adhesive by 90 per cent. These overlap seals are particularly developed for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractors for a secure sealing and for reinsulating old and damaged pipes.

On the new product, General Manager Umesh Unni says: “At Hira Industries, our aim is to launch several new products and technologies in this year. The focus will be to establish good customer relations and deliver cost-effective solutions to them. The launch of the Lap Seal Tubes is a reflection of our vision to expand our product base and cater to the ever-growing requirements of the insulation business.”

Unni ... a unique proposition.

Unni ... a unique proposition.

“The Lap Seal Tubes are much easier to install due to the slitted tubes and the pressure-sensitive adhesive, reducing the installation time by more than 50 per cent,” he explains. “Along with this, Hira Industries focuses on providing a long-lasting insulation solution at a much lower cost in terms of the time and accessories used to install the product and the maintenance as it does not require frequent maintenance and replacement. This feature of the Lap Seal Tubes makes them a unique proposition in the industry, setting them apart from the existing products. As the product is manufactured in-house; this facilitates a quick bulk delivery and expert support for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry.”

Hira Industries says the new products are guaranteed to last more than a decade as compared to conventional insulation that require frequent maintenance and replacement, making them the right solution for all insulation requirements at a much lower price.

Unni continues: “We firmly believe that the Aerofoam Lap Seal Tubes are the perfect solution for a diverse range of insulation requirements as the tubes’ sizes can be customised to fit the pipes perfectly while the pressure-sensitive adhesive overlay helps in an easy and quick adhesion as compared to the other insulation solutions in the industry.

“The tubes are made of high-grade quality material and have an integrated structure, yet are economically priced, which makes them an attractive solution for all requirements. That is not all, keeping the environment in mind, we have used fume-free and clean materials to produce the Lap Seal Tubes. As a result, extra precautions are not required after installing the solution, which is extremely efficient in cooling systems as they do not form condensation. We are committed to helping buildings increase LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points, and the insulation of Lap Seal Tubes fulfills all LEED requirements to maintain a sustainable and green Earth.”

The tubes are easier to install.

The tubes are easier to install.

Hira Industries is a long-standing building and construction products company with several divisions under its wing to provide a full range of services in order to fill in the gaps within the construction industry.

With over 40 years of experience in the field, its expertise and eye for detail can be observed through its products and services.