The Warrior 2100 ... best in class.

Powerscreen has launched two new variants based on the highly successful Warrior 2100 triple shaft screen: the Spaleck and a single shaft screen, making the screen unrivalled in the market place.

“The triple shaft technology, unique to Powerscreen heavy-duty mobile screens, is designed so the 16- by 5-ft screenbox is highly effective and efficient while maintaining exceptional throughput productivity. The extreme screening acceleration offers the Warrior 2100 screen improved capabilities over its class rivals, especially in sticky scalping applications,” says a company spokesman.

The Warrior 2100 Spaleck Screen is seen as the ultimate in mobile screening and separation technology. At its core is the two-deck high-performance waste recycling screen with a flip-flow bottom deck.

The deck uses rubber panels that move in a smooth wave motion to keep the material constantly in motion. This breaks down sticky material, such as clay and soil, making it possible to produce 0-10-mm fines with minimal contamination from non-inert material such as wood and plastic, which generally fall into the +10-mm particle band.

The single shaft screen provides the Warrior 2100 with the balance to screen efficiently in less demanding applications when the power of a triple shaft drive is not required. Supported on 2 by 130 mm bearings, the single shaft screen provides an impressive screening stroke and screening angles of up to 18 degrees.

The drive system is mounted directly to the screen side and is pulley driven to ensure that optimum hydraulic efficiency can be realised at both standard and increased amplitudes, making the Warrior 2100 single shaft a leader in the conventional 16 by 5 class. 

The Warrior 2100 range is powered by a Cat C4.4 – four cylinder diesel engine which is designed to run at 1,800 rpm making it the most fuel efficient platform in its class, according to the spokesman. The machine can be ordered with the dual power option which has a fully integrated control system allowing an end user to power the machine via the diesel hydraulic engine or directly from a mains power source in an environmentally sensitive area.

The Warrior 2100 range has unrivalled conveyor and stockpiling configurations and high performance two-speed tracks making it class leading, and superior serviceability and maintenance access making it a flexible and user-friendly platform.