New high-quality electrical installations manufactured by Berker are currently being promoted in the Gulf markets through  the Saudi Arabia-based Al Nasser Company, the regional distributor for the German manufacturer.

The innovative range, which is intelligent, functional and has exceptional aesthetic appeal, was introduced by Berker at the Light + Building exhibition 2008 held last April in Frankfurt, Germany.
“Some of the items that were showcased at the event included the new Berker Q.1 range of switches while the prototype Berker R.1 was also presented, reinforcing the company’s position as a leader in innovation in the round switch segment,” says a spokesman for Berker, which offers an extensive product line ranging from the classic switches through to intelligent building management systems.
Elaborating on the products, he says: “The Berker Q.1 switch programme will be available in early 2009 in a polar white sturdy plastic switch with a broad spectrum of uses. Featuring soft, rounded contours, this new range of switches is offered in an impressive range of variants with a pleasant velvety surface. The new line has been designed in line contemporary trends in current architecture and interior design of residential and commercial premises.
“Meanwhile, the design of Berker R.1, which has developed in co-operation with designer Werner Aisslinger, is the logical extension of Berker’s brand identity. The R.1 proves that in-depth visionary development of a product range is possible even in a switch system.”
The company has improved its existing products. The MT 701 ct, which is now known as Berker Master Control, boasts additional functions such as receiving e-mails and subscription news services (RSS feeds), thanks to the central control system now having an IP connection, he adds.
“The additional functions turn Master Control into an information centre. Its advantages are its user-friendliness and its elegant operation panel, which can be supplied with a stainless steel or a glass frame. Customers who already own an MT 701 ct can import the existing MT 701 ct data into the Berker Master Control,” he points out.
Another enhanced line is the Berker TS Sensor series, which now has a room thermostat, and will be available from early November.
“There are many reasons for the success of Berker TS Sensor, including its extremely flat shape, minimalist surface design and a light touch operation. When it is switched off, nothing distinguishes the new sensor with room thermostat from the ‘normal’ TS sensor. However, both the inside workings and the smooth surface of the new product offer more functions and more possibilities since room-based KNX/EIB functions such as heating, air-conditioning or ventilation can be controlled as well. The simple display shows the time, outdoor temperature and/or room temperature,” the spokesman says.
Other innovations from the company include:
• Berker IP-Control, which gives unlimited access to building automation systems. Elements such as heating, lights, blinds and other technical elements can now be controlled from any Internet or network connection from inside or outside of the building. Available on the international markets since May, the IP connection creates new possibilities, especially for installers, as they can log into the house control system and handle their programming and maintenance tasks from a distance.
• Berker KNX/EIB components for home entertainment systems have also been launched into the international markets.
“Many home-owners nowadays wish to operate entertainment devices such as DVD players, televisions and hi-fi equipment using their previously installed KNX/EIB system. If an intelligent control system covering the entire house is in place, a multi-room application is a good alternative. By using Berker KNX/EIB components, home entertainment systems from almost all manufacturers can be combined and operated either centrally or on a room-by-room basis. The main element of a home entertainment electronics system is any music server which is integrated into the KNX/EIB system by means of a corresponding interface and which delivers the sound for each room, as desired, or for the entire house. In this way, light, temperature and music can be controlled with one single Berker KNX/EIB operating tool,” he explains.
• Berker EnergyGuard, which is an energy monitoring system that identifies appliances that waste electricity and makes energy consumption visible on a display, thus providing valuable hints on saving energy. “The installation of EnergyGuard’s components is just as easy as energy monitoring itself. Its transmitters can be easily placed in the sub-distribution in the form of adapter plugs, flush-mounted wall boxes, compact built-in devices or RMG units. They then transmit consumption data from the whole house by means of radio signals to the EnergyGuard’s central control," the spokesman says.