Sadolin’s facility in Oman.

Through entering into a manufacturing and distribution tie-up with US-based Tyco Adhesives Corrosion Protection Group, Oman's largest paint manufacturer Sadolin Paints (Oman) has strengthened its standing in the regional market by becoming the first company outside the US to manufacture Tyco’s range of protective coatings.

"As part of the new development, Sadolin Paints (Oman) – part of Omar Zawawi group – will produce Powercrete liquid epoxy coatings at its Rusayl plant,” said general manager Munir M Khan.
The new speciality ANSI/NSF approved liquid epoxy coating has been specifically engineered for potable water transmission pipelines and is the first in a series of epoxies to be produced by Sadolin Paints for Tyco Adhesives CPG. Towards this end, Sadolin has been audited by NSF International and recommended for certification. NSF is an internationally-recognised regulatory entity, which certifies materials for safe use with drinking water, says Khan.
Powercrete pipeline protective coatings are used for corrosion prevention of oil, gas, water and wastewater pipeline and as an abrasion-resistant overlay.
“Owing to its strategic location, Oman will now be able to cater to the needs of the markets of both the GCC countries as well as those of India, Pakistan, Iran and North Africa,” Khan adds.
“Bringing Powercrete production and distribution to Oman provides greater product availability, increased flexibility to meet prospective clients’ needs and rapid product delivery throughout the region,” says Eric J Aulicino, vice president, Tyco Adhesives. “Potable water is a vital component in the future growth of the Sultanate, where there are significant water desalination and transmission developments under way. By forming this key relationship between Sadolin Paints and Tyco Adhesives, Oman can realise the benefit of specialty corrosion technology products for the pipelines produced in the country by locally owned and operated business,” he adds.
Powercrete liquid coatings (epoxies and urethanes) have a proven history of performance for corrosion prevention and have been produced in the US since 1990. Projected product demand for the Middle East has provided the sound business reason for the two companies to forge this relationship. “The alliance between the two companies is a powerful opportunity for Sadolin Paints (Oman),” notes Khan.
“Tyco brings proven corrosion protection products to our company and will help educate and train local engineers and key professionals in the ministries on product application and correct uses. Additionally, it is significant for Sadolin Paints because it allows us to continue to develop best practices for corrosion prevention and increase production in our plant. Given the current boom in regional water, oil and gas projects, we are excited about the opportunities,” Khan added.
Established in 1977 by the Omzest Group, Sadolin (Oman) was the first paint company in the Middle East to get the ISO 9000 and ISO-14000 certifications. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Muscat, with an installed capacity of 15 million litres of paints and adhesives per year and manufactures a wide range of paints and coatings. Sadolin is claimed to currently hold sway over a 40 per cent share of the Omani market for decorative paints, woods protection and furniture lacquers.
It manufactures decorative paints and wood protection under licence from Sadolin Paints Denmark and these products are marketed under the umbrella brand of “Sadolin”.
Sadolin also manufactures a wide range of adhesives and these are marketed in the Middle East under the Fedocol/Fedobond brand names. Sadolin is also the agent for PPG Auto-refinishes for Oman.
Under its protective coatings offerings is the Stoncor (Carboline) range including epoxies, chlorinated rubber paints, tank liners and PU (polyurethane) and other heavy-duty coatings.
In Oman Sadolin products are sold through a network of dealers and three depots at Sohar and Nizwa. The company's products are also exported to all GCC countries as well as to some South Asian countries. It has its own offices and stock points at Bahrain, Dubai and Qatar with representatives stationed in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Exports contribute more than 35 per cent of the turnover.
Sadolin has over the years developed some of the leading brands including 88 Plus, 77 Emulsions, Sadomastic, Sadolac and Classic.