Finlay Block-Making Equipment ysa it has recently launched a new machine which can produce up to 5,000 blocks per hour.

Northern Ireland-based Finlay Block-Making Equipment has launched a stationary block-making machine range as part of its commitment to providing cost-effective solutions to meet the requirements of customers worldwide.

Finlay, which has more than 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of mobile block-making machines, says the new SBM212 block-making machine demonstrates the company's commitment to its customers.

The high-performance SBM212 utilises latest technology to enable production of up to 5,000 standard-sized blocks per hour, it says.

Design features are said to ensure ability to withstand harsh working environments and deliver products that are of a consistently high quality. The company says its products offer:

  • High product strength as a result of using latest servomotor vibration technology;

  • Product uniformity by fast and accurate mould filling;

  • Durable design to withstand the harsh environments in which they work;

  • Latest Allen Bradley machine control technology with online diagnosis; and

  • Linear encoders used to automatically reset the machine when changing products.

    Finlay says its SBM212 is designed for consistently high quality production of all kinds of cement bound concrete pre-cast products produced from lightweight and high-density concrete.

    Elaborating on the features of the machine, company spokesman says: "It is ideal for high production of hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving stones, edge stones and various other products for applications within the construction, building and landscaping industries.

    ''The SBM212 can produce precast products from 50 mm to 300 mm high. Pallet size is 1,400 mm by 950 run producing 24 standard blocks (440 mm by 98 mm by 215 mm). The machine dimensions are 2,400 mm wide, 2,880 mm high and 3,500 mm long with a power requirement of 200 kW including optional face mix unit.

    ''It is built around a rigid frame of welded thick wall box section steel to ensure stability and durability to produce high volumes of products to a consistently high quality in tough, demanding environments.

    ''The combination of powerful, responsive hydraulic tamper head, mould box and feed hopper movements creates a fast cycle time for increased production. Fast electric servomotor movement of feed tray gives increased accuracy during mould filling for quality that is more consistent.

    ''Another feature providing consistent quality is the infinitely variable vibration force that gives the operator precise control of the mould filling process.

    ''The SBM212 is designed for easy operation and maintenance. Moulds and tamper head are easily removed on a purpose-built trolley arrangement. The tamper head is locked to the tamper-head carriage by means of six air bags, which are simply deflated when changing moulds. The mould and tamper head carriages run up and down their guide shafts in linear bearings which are designed to reduce friction between shaft and bearing for longer component life.

    ''The SBM212 is designed and built for continuous production of high-quality blocks. The mix material silo, located above the filling box, has a capacity of 1,500 litres.

    ''To give complete control of the pre-vibration and main vibration, the servomotors of the four vibrators are programmable to rotate at any angle and any speed from 0 to 3,500 rpm. A heavy-duty steel frame ensures stability and durability.

    ''A rugged, sophisticated electronic control system enables the operator to alter the pre-set parameters of the machine. These can be stored as recipes for each type of product. Access to the product rnenus can be restricted as required by the plant operator.

    ''All operations are controlled and monitored through an industrial PC, with a high-quality visual display unit, using the latest Allen Bradley supervisory control and data acquisition (Scada) software. Apart from controlling normal operation, the system records statistical information, such as current cycle time, pallet count and fault diagnosis. It is also possible to record production data per shift for plant accountability.

    ''The system can also be equipped with a modem link for remote assistance from Finlay's new £5 million ($7.1 million) manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland.

    ''There is a secondary control panel for mould changes, conveniently located for slow movement of the tamper head, mould and feed tray carriages.''

    To enhance the production and versatility of the machine, there is the SBM212F - an optional face mix unit used primarily to reduce consumption of pigment when making coloured paving products. Placed in front of the machine, the SBM212F features an electric drive arrangement to facilitate easy movement when access to the front of the block machine is required for mould changing and cleaning.

    Key features of the SBM212F include:

  • A feed silo, mounted on vibration dampers to minimise pre-compaction of concrete in the silo, which is raised and lowered hydraulically;

  • A mechanically coupled set of electric jack screws to raise and lower the feed box carriage arrangement;

  • Silo demand probe;

  • Remote automatic control that is integrated into the block machine controls; and

  • Accurate, programmable servomotor plus rack and pinion feed box carriage drive.

    With the introduction of the SBM212 - the company's first stationary model - Finlay believes that it opens up significant new opportunities in the global market. Block-making machines such as the SBM212 are not only highly-efficient units in the developed world but are also affordable solutions within developing countries, he says.

    The company also produces:

  • Mobile block machines: Fully automatic machines with choice of electric/hydraulic or diesel electric hydraulic drives.

  • Block strapping machines: Fully automatic strapping machines for use with either plastic or metal strapping.

  • Handling attachments: Hydraulic clamp attachments for single, double and triple pack handling.

  • Feed hopper attachments - 1.0-3.0 cu m capacities.

  • Concrete batching mixing plants: Transportable plants with outputs of 20-100 cu m per hour.

  • Moulds for block machine: Hard-wearing mouldage for both stationary and mobile block machines made to order.