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Vibia unveils a suspension floor light

North fuses a floor lamp and a suspended lamp, recreating a floating effect.

North fuses a floor lamp and a suspended lamp, recreating a floating effect.

Vibia, a leading Spanish lighting specialist, has collaborated with designer Arik Levy to come up with a new category of lamp – one that fuses a floor lamp and a suspended lamp, recreating a floating effect.

North features a long carbon-fibre rod – whose lightweight and flexible qualities make it the perfect support – which hangs from the ceiling via an almost imperceptible steel cable. A counter-weight at floor level guides the electrical cable from the conical-shaped shade to the wall socket and makes it possible to place the light fitting in any desired position.

“With its essential design, North pierces the air extending its luminous coverage while defining a space without overwhelming,” says a spokesman for Vibia.

“Levy has come up with a dynamic system of adjustable angles in order to bring light where it’s required, in an exercise of functional and poetic deconstruction. The sharper angle circumscribes a close and intimate area, a more open angle creates a more social space. Elegant and stylised, it’s the lightest floor lamp yet designed,” he adds.

The name of the collection makes a reference to the qualities of northern light – a different and more diffused light that’s projected forcefully while avoiding sharp shadows. The careful treatment of the diffuser as well as the LED light source lends it a great warmth, the spokesman says.

The conical shade made from aluminium is available in graphite, blue, cream and white with a matt finish. It’s equipped with a dimmer switch provided within the electrical cable.


Glassworks range gains Radiance

Eclipse ... offered in 12 bold colourways.

Eclipse ... offered in 12 bold colourways.

Ofiginal Style, a leading UK-based manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen tiles, has added unique colours with spectacular tones and surfaces to its popular Glassworks range.

According to a company spokesman, a new collection called Radiance has been added to the mix. These brick tiles and mosaics with gloss and frost surfaces are made by heating glass until it is a liquid, which is then poured into moulds.

“The resulting pieces are undulating, so the surfaces seem to change under different light conditions. This is enhanced by a reflective colour backing which gives Radiance its unique glowing appearance. The tiles are available in pink, blue, pearl and silver,” he says.

Like the Radiance collection, the brand new Eclipse bricks are cast glass, which means they are also made from molten glass poured into casts. These pieces have a deep, reflective coloured backing as well and come in 12 bold colourways.

Other additions to the range include Spun Silk, with its network of silk-like threads visible beneath the tile surface, and more adventurous versions of the best-selling, large-format copper and silver tiles; Copper Leaf Bold and Silver Leaf Bold, both incorporating a thin layer of leaf-effect foil with a pronounced texture. There are also some stylish mosaics to choose from, including silver- and gold-leaf facet mosaics.


DOT316 strikes balance between shape and features

DOT316 mixers ... pure, rigorous and rational lines.

DOT316 mixers ... pure, rigorous and rational lines.

Ritmonio’s new DOT316 mixers range represents a “firm point” that intersects the clear and orthogonal lines of the body of the mixer, engraved in the noble stainless steel AISI 316L.

Pure, rigorous and rational lines – opposed to round and soft volumes – create a play with shapes that perfectly demonstrate Ritmonio’s desire to develop a simple yet sophisticated product, according to a spokesman for the Italian firm.

DOT316 is available in a variety of finishes including brushed stainless steel, brushed black stainless steel and champagne stainless steel finishes.

“DOT316 has been designed to amaze and excite, to meet the needs of those who love minimal and refined design. Thanks to its identity, it fits perfectly in contexts where ‘less is more’ and it is able to characterise and make the environment unique,” the spokesman says.

It has water-saving features that limit water flow – less than nine litres per minute – and is designed to encourage the use of environmental resources responsibly, he adds.