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The wall panelling solution ... reinterprets classic style.

Elegant furnishing from Turati Boiseries

TURATI Boiseries says its latest furnishing solution has been designed for an eclectic living room with a strong personality, creating an optimal connection between classic and modern styles.

Presented as a pre-release at the Space&Interiors 2018 during the Milan Design Week held in Italy in April, this wall panelling solution reinterprets classic style without forgetting the origins and tradition of the wainscoting that is well represented by the decorative details and precious finishes.

Created by Turati of Italy following extensive research, this multifunctional solution has been designed for exclusive homes and high-level offices.

This wall solution is the star of the new ClassMode catalogue, designed for those who shy away from minimal design and who love living surrounded by beauty in the broadest sense of the word, according to a company a spokesman.

These eclectic and personal solutions are suited for every room in the house, in which that unmistakable Turati style acts as a counterpoint to the modern feel, creating true contemporary works of art, he adds.

“This majestic craftsmanship, and discreet luxury from the company define the interiors of home as well as contracts sector. Turati Boiseries has the ability to masterfully combine current tastes and the peculiarities of bold projects for interiors around the world,” the spokesman says.

Turati Boiseries is a specialist in luxury furniture and furnishings in premium artisanal cabinetmaking.



Tiles of favourite sci-fi flick heroes

Thor and Hulk ... superheroes tiles by CTD Tiles.

Thor and Hulk ... superheroes tiles by CTD Tiles.

CTD Tiles has launched a new range of fan art packs allowing customers to recreate their favourite characters from well-known comics, films, games and television programmes.

Inspired by popular culture, the range offers eight designs. From the sprightly Red Italian Plumber to Sir Superspeed - a superhero able to move and react at the speed of light, the designs will transport homeowners back to their childhood, says a spokesman for the UK-based firm.

According to the spokesman, each vibrant pack offers a blueprint of the easy-to-follow design as well as all of the tiles that are needed to create the masterpiece. Tiles used within each pack are part of the Reflections by Gemini tiles, a glazed ceramic tile to protect against staining and offering a pristine, glossy finish on the project.

From superheroes to magical animals, the eight characters available include the Green Galactic Genius; Green Giant; Magical Baby Horse; Night Vigilante; Red Italian Plumber; Sir Superspeed; Space Soldier; and Thunder Warrior.

CTD Tiles has also partnered with a student from Leeds College of Building to create a Batman-inspired design.

Tracy Hildreth of CTD says: “Fan art has become increasingly popular over the years and we believe that everyone will enjoy our whimsical take on nostalgia. We wanted to create something that would delight and excite our customer base.”

The Pixel Pop range was launched in the run-up to the release of the new Star Wars movie Solo.



Glass1989 offers a chill-out in all-in-one sauna

ChillOut ... all-in-one sauna and hammam combination.

ChillOut ... all-in-one sauna and hammam combination.

ITALY-based Glass1989 and the MeneghelloPaolelli Associati design studio have collaborated to introduce ChillOut, a new all-in-one sauna and hammam combination, which has been designed to enhance personal well-being.

According to a company, the product design heightens the relationship between volume and materials, while demonstrating skilful use of materials.

“The spaces are designed to embrace the human body and the materials and colours have been elegantly combined to form a harmonious whole between full and empty elements,” says a spokesman for Glass1989.

The colours of the sauna and hammam walls contrast with the back walls, thus creating a new perspective every time. The seating is created by volumes that move in space and accommodate users in the most natural way possible, he adds.

“ChillOut flows along a precise stylistic continuum between sauna and hammam; even the ceilings, which conceal the lighting system, play a decisive role in balancing the volumes. ChillOut becomes the place to relax the mind and body and get into a chilled out state,” the spokesman remarks.