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Studio E ... launched in the Gulf.

Luxury handmade wallpaper launched in region

UAE-based Kens and Company and Studio E Hand Painted Wallpaper of the US have joined hands to bring their collection of authentic Italian polished plaster and artisan metal-leaf as wallpaper to the Gulf region.

Unlike costly, site-applied polished plaster finishes with problematic maintenance issues such as cracking and chipping, Studio E Venetian Plaster Collection Wallpaper will not crack or chip – even at corners, says a spokesman for Kens and Company. “A damaged strip can easily and quickly be replaced with a fresh one so the installation looks perfect again.”

Denise Vasaya, director, global sales for Studio E, says: “Our handmade wallpapers present an easier, faster, cleaner, neater, less-costly and better wearing alternative to site-applied (direct to the wall) artisan special finishes.”

This product is attractive to designers and architects and also to contractors, developers, and owners looking for a low-cost and low-maintenance option for their special finishes.

In addition to its extensive range, Studio E also develops bespoke wallpapers for their discerning global clientele of individuals and brands.

Kens Gourgue, managing director, Kens and Company says: “The global wall coverings market should hit well over $26 billion this year. The Middle East remains a hugely untapped market but displays huge potential for future growth and expansion of the wallpapers segment.”

He adds: “Studio E has been very active in the region, and is a great add to Kens and Company’s already strong couture interior finishes and wall claddings.”


The P3 Comforts range ... comfortable living.

The P3 Comforts range ... comfortable living.

New Duravit range brings Comforts centrestage

Comfort and practicality have been the twin aims in creating the new ceramic range P3 Comforts, says Duravit, a leading German provider of bathroom ceramic, bathroom furniture, accessories and bathtub furniture, which teamed up with long-term partner Phoenix Design to  produce this latest innovation for the bathroom.

“The P3 Comforts series has one defining idea: a washbasin with separate wet and dry areas,” says a spokesman for Duravit. “This maximises the bowl size and avoids areas where dirt can collect. Comfort is further enhanced by the raised ceramic shelf – this creates optimum freedom of movement below the tap fitting. Simple, geometric forms create subtle aesthetics, whilst rimless basins communicate a sense of space. As a result, P3 Comforts blends into almost any architecture.”

A separate, clearly defined area is a common design element that brings together washbasins, toilets, urinals and bathtubs. This provides space for tap fittings and a comfortable shelf area.

Commenting on the new range, a spokesperson for Phoenix Design says: “The aim is always to create a design classic, products that will stand the test of time and reflect people’s needs. Life is becoming more hectic and people are looking for somewhere to retreat, for security and calm. We try to keep this in mind when designing our products.”


Serra Round ... striking appeance.

Serra Round ... striking appeance.

Viccarbe side table a minimalist work of art

Spain-based Viccarbe, a contemporary design furniture company catering to the home and contracts market, has launched Serra Round, the companion table to the Serra Rectangular. Designed by Valencia-based designer Víctor Carrasco, the auxiliary table is described as being ideal for work and play, supporting a laptop, book, tea or coffee.

“Inspired by the work of the iconic 20th century American sculptor Richard Serra, renowned for the purity of his line and power of his work, Serra side table is a work of minimalist sculpture based on simple geometry, refined detailing and carefully balanced proportions,” says a spokesman for Viccarbe.

“Its striking looks make Serra Round equally suitable as a stand-alone piece of furniture or an auxiliary side table. Practical and beautiful, the table is designed for accommodating the clutter of day-to-day life,” he adds.

The defining characteristic of the original Serra Rectangular was the belt across its top which facilitated its easy mobility. Serra Round is available with and without the belt, which is manufactured from a high-tech textile in grey, black and red colour options. The table complements any sofa or armchair and is offered in a range of colour combinations, making it suitable for any environment.

The table top and base are made from lacquered MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and reinforced with a steel-frame structure for stability and to provide the required strength.