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A Skyline design by Fiore Rosso ... creative.

A Skyline design by Fiore Rosso ... creative.

Fiore Rosso focuses on style, character

FIORE Rosso Furniture, a manufacturer of custom high-end modern and contemporary outdoor furniture, has launched two new collections – Lavanda and Fiore Rosso by Skyline Design – in the Gulf region.

The latest collections have been designed in Italy, Spain, Germany and the US.

In creating these products, utmost importance has been given to functionality and ergonomics while a variety of elegant, imaginative and unique finishes have been employed, says Mahan Pourghorban, marketing manager of Fiore Rosso Furniture.

“Many prestigious furniture companies in the world are successfully selling our collections. We strictly maintain the quality of the production to ensure a specific character and style of the goods. Our Italian designs have always been synonymous with superb quality and unprecedented style as well as being renowned for the attention to fine detail,” he says.

With the Lavanda range, the company has introduced for the first time leather produced for outdoor furniture. “Highest quality aluminium frame and the outdoor leather from Germany ensure that the Lavanda collection is suited well to the weather conditions of the GCC,” says Pourghorban.

The Fiore Rosso by Skyline Design collection has been supplied to five-star hotels worldwide.


New collection creates contrast

PAN Emirates Home Furnishing, a premier brand in home furnishing, has unveiled its latest collection for 2014. The new range sports modern and international designs and styling, with striking accent pieces to bring colour to interiors.

The collection includes two four-piece bedroom sets – the Perla and the Nova – comprising a full bed and headboard, two bedside tables, chest of drawers, rug and furniture accessories that are handpicked to go with the theme of each room.

The Perla bedroom set, comprising black and white furniture pieces, has been designed to add contrast to pale pink walls, while the Nova has a modern-day feel and has been designed for a more elegant setting. The beige and brown colours of Nova along with white highlight pieces are picked to give a more luxurious vibe to interiors.

Pan Emirates, which is based in Dubai, UAE, has also introduced a set of accessories to decorate rooms. These include a pillow, lamp, image frames, a plant as well as a throw-over rug, all designed to complement each other.


Holiday sofa ... new concept.

Holiday sofa ... new concept.

Sofa so good

Molteni&C, part of Italy’s leading furnishing company Molteni Group, has launched the Holiday sofa that can be tailored to personal choice.

Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, the sofa is available in fabric and leather variations, with steel feet that are available in shiny chrome or painted titanium finish. 

“With this design, Laviani proposes a new concept sofa: narrative, evocative, less basic, more decorative and based on emotional comfort,” says a spokesperson for Molteni&C.

The sofa is modular with a thin structure that accommodates soft seat and backrest cushions. The fabric and leather slipcovers are fully removable, and all elements can be used individually.