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The Navone collection by Bisazza.

Cement tiles inspired by tradition

BISAZZA of Italy will be launching several innovations next year, including the Bisazza Contemporary Cement Tiles collection, a new line featuring a contemporary, sophisticated interpretation of traditional cement tiles typically used in the palaces and mansions during the second half of the 1800s and early 1900s.

“The vast collection is designed to communicate the decorative style of the past and present through expressive artistic language that reveals the creative genius of each of the project designers: Paola Navone, Jaime Hayon, Carlo Dal Bianco, and Bisazza Design Studio,” says a company spokesman.

Made entirely by hand and available in two formats – 20 by 20 cm square or 20 by 23 cm hexagonal, the collection features a rich palette of colours and contemporary and classic graphic motifs.

The Bisazza Contemporary Cement Tiles collection comprises:

• Navone collection: This collection incorporates the eclectic and highly contemporary vision of Navone. The decorative cement tiles take on a completely modern look, thanks to the singular pairing of hexagonal and square geometric shapes.

• Hayon collection: This is the signature decorative flair of Hayon. The Spanish designer, with his fun-loving artistic language, has created striking graphic designs, icons of the modern and slightly “pop” style.

• Dal Bianco collection: A more classic inspiration with a dash of the contemporary defines the designs by Dal Bianco. The trend here is to recreate the luxurious patterns found in fabrics and revisit the designs found on tiles of days gone by. Traditional ornamental motifs are interpreted in new “high fashion” colours.




THG brings in slender spouts

The Nano tap.

The Nano tap.

THG, a French manufacturer of luxurious bathroom fittings and accessories, has launched a new line that comprises very thin and slender spouts created under a minimalist influence.

Nano has a modern and clean style that can be a part of virtually any bathroom ambiance. The tap displays a strong identity, thanks to the simplicity of its shape and the strength of its metal, according to a spokesperson for THG.

The material and design of Nano brings together the current styles and trends of interior design that helps THG to cultivate a more sophisticated image. The series includes taps and accessories for washbasins, bidets, showers and bathtubs.”

The company has also recently introduced Anoa, an exceptional and timelessness series that associates metal with skilfully crafted natural clear or black buffalo horn. The Anoa line includes fittings and accessories for basins, bidets, showers and bathtubs.




Workspace has huts for the office

The Hut ... innovative.

The Hut ... innovative.

WORKSPACE International, an award-winning Scandinavian interior design company, has launched new acoustic and cozy office furniture at a top European fair.

The modern and innovative The Hut and The Q Corner collection were launched at Orgatec, a leading international trade fair for office and facility held in October in Cologne, Germany. In addition to working environments, these modern novelties with excellent acoustic properties are suitable for many other spaces, according to the company.

“The Hut’s simple and basic lines seems inspired by the classic monopoly game houses, giving a timeless look at the popular and practical ‘room within a room’ concept,” says a spokesman for the company, which has recently opened its Middle East office in Dubai, UAE.

Supported by a steel frame, The Hut’s outer material is fireproof fabric, and the insulation material has excellent acoustic properties. It can serve different purposes, as individual workstations, as small sit or stand meeting rooms, or a lounge area with sofa.

The quiet Q Corner has been designed for a more peaceful workspace without totally shutting out the user of the workstation from the rest of the office. The slanted roof is part of the three-base screen system with the frontal screen size dictated by the left of the work desk. The Q Corner is described as being for call centres and similar settings.

“The Hut and The Q Corner mark the beginning of Workspace’s collaboration with the Swedish Götessons, the leading Scandinavian manufacturer of office furniture that is behind the realisation and developing of the products,” says the spokesman.