Sigmulto Etoile ... a new decorative concept by Sigma.

SIGMA Paints has introduced yet another innovative, environment-friendly product that is expected to be a ‘star’ attraction in the decorative coatings segment.

Aptly named Sigmulto Etoile, the new stylish product is inspired by modern French décor and renders a silver glitter effect that enhances the luxury while giving a distinctive character to the interior, according to Rida Rahal, product manager Middle East for the Dammam-based paint major.

“Sigmulto Etoile is a water-based, environment-friendly interior product with a silver glitter effect, in line with its name Etoile, which means ‘star’ in French,” he explains. “The product is almost odourless and is very easy to apply: in a few strokes, you can get a stylish look with a touch of sparkle.”

Rahal says the new product fits well within Sigma’s collection of high-end decorative finishes as the company is continuously looking to expand its range in order to offer its clients the most extensive trendy range in the market place.
“Our target group is now getting used to seeing Sigma launch new trendy products each year. Our assortment includes a variety of products that provide various decorative concepts, with each concept defining a particular personality and suggesting a distinctive lifestyle. Sigmulto Etoile will add a new decorative concept to our collection,” says Rahal.

Sigma has dedicated teams worldwide to ensure that the company stays abreast with the latest trends and technologies in the decorative finishes segment of the global paint industry.

The development of Sigmulto Etoile is in line with Sigma’s product strategy in the high-end decorative finishes market in the Middle East. “Our aim is to ensure that we can offer our customers the widest range in the market – a range that includes unique products and that will always be updated,” he says.

“Our brand will always be the first to introduce latest trendy products. We are making major investments, both in terms of time and money, to ensure that our brand offers not only unique products but also unique communication tools to increase interest in our products and to help customers in their choices,” he adds.

Sigma has developed useful tools that will help customers in linking Sigmulto Etoile to real-life situations. “We have an attractive inspirational brochure with real-life images showing the areas where the product can be used (room settings). In addition to these images, the inspirational brochure also includes real paint samples so that the customer can see and feel the real product,” Rahal says.

Sigma has also developed a specific colour card for this product. “Sigmulto Etoile is a clear product that can be applied on unlimited matt colours – though in our colour card, we have selected a collection of latest colours that fits the product to the best,” he says.

Sigmulto Etoile will be available through Sigma’s wide dealer network in Saudi Arabia and will be launched on the export market later this year.

Sigma offers products that are specially developed to suit both the local environment and local tastes, and has been creating lasting impressions in the Middle East in the decorative paints sector for the past three decades. The paints and coatings specialist recently developed a new colour and lifestyle concept that aims to cater to the discerning customer who has clear-cut demands on colour and paint effects and wants to keep pace with changing styles.