Timber structures used for the UK Pavilion.

MATI CONSULT, a multi-award-winning service-oriented firm co-founded by female entrepreneur Elisa Ruggeri, played a significant role in the construction works carried out on the pavilions and external structures at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Dubai-headquartered company provided sustainable construction, consulting services, and management covering a multitude of pavilions, as well as the automated shading and precision mechanics for the Expo 2020 ‘solar trees‘ in the public area, in addition to delivering world-class architectural and sustainable structures.

For this mega event, Mati had sourced and supplied engineered mass timber structures from Europe, in collaboration with local and international contractors, and applied them to the structures of the 12 country pavilions including those of the  UK, Oman, Azerbaijan, Belgium and others. In parallel, the company also provided water features, landscaping and vertical farms and gardens to several other pavilions.

Mati Consult’s delivered order book for 2021 comprises 25 different projects in the region, including the 12 pavilions, and has generated a business volume exceeding $46.5 million this year alone, said Ruggeri, who is also the company’s CEO.

“We are extremely proud of what Mati has achieved this year. Winning the trust of 12 Expo 2020 pavilions was a significant milestone for us, and the process was nothing short of smart work and sleepless nights,” she remarked.

MATI’s achievements at Expo 2020 are the result of years of efforts in bringing European suppliers to a region they had never set foot in, and securing business for them, amongst other lucrative services, she added.