TK Elevator, one of the world’s top elevator companies, will be showcasing its innovative and pioneering ropeless elevator system Multi in the German pavilion at the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai.

The innovative and pioneering ropeless elevator system Multi was selected as one of the lighthouse projects to be presented at the German Pavilion ‘Campus Germany’ by the pavilion consortium. The system is said to change the way people move inside buildings and unlocks attractive new perspectives for planners, architects, and operators.

The solution for high-rise buildings requires fewer and smaller shafts and hence increases the proportion of usable space significantly. Since current elevator systems usually occupy up to 40 per cent of the building’s floor space, Multi is a true gamechanger, TK Elevator stated.

The solution uses linear motors to move the cabins and needs no ropes at all. Multi can move vertically as well as horizontally. There are multiple cabins per shaft, which offers a significant higher shaft utilization and reduced waiting times for passengers.

With its top speed of six m/s, Multi supports the optimisation of installed grid power. Moreover, this allows to better manage a building’s energy needs and cuts the costs caused by investments in the power supply infrastructure.

Through its capabilities, Multi opens up exciting new perspectives especially for designers and architects not only for buildings that exceed 300 m in height but for the complete urban space and its mobility needs. And even for a completely new thinking of vertical city-development.