Bradley's ablution system ... innovative.

BRADLEY Corporation, a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing products, is set to unveil an innovative ablution cleansing system, following the recent launch of a touchless hand washing fixture and an emergency shower fixture.

All this innovations address today’s market demands for greater efficiency and water conservation, says the US-based company.

“In recent years, the commercial plumbing industry, particularly the commercial washroom and emergency shower product categories, has seen a number of product and technology advancements that promote a facility’s water efficiency. While the most common reason to use such fixtures is to reduce water usage and related water/utility costs, many of today’s newest product innovations go beyond water-efficiency and deliver additional significant benefits to building decision-makers as well as end-users,” says a company official.

“Today’s truly innovative water-conserving products also reduce maintenance and operations costs, enhance the washing process, improve safety and convenience for users, and extend the lifecycle of products for building owners,” says Jon Dommisse, director of global marketing and strategic development, Bradley Corporation.

The company’s latest ablution cleansing system, which is set for launch this year, has been designed keeping in mind these requirements.

Halo eye and face wash ... enhancing the washing process.

The highly durable and customisable ablution system incorporates a water-conserving and soothing water flow that is described as ideal for the hand and foot washing process. The system’s softer and gentler 1.9 litres per minute (lpm) water flow ensures the precise amount of water is dispensed, specifically for hand and foot cleansing, while eliminating the residual splashing of water and keeping the user’s garments from getting wet.

The system will be available with two activation types, including a standard compression valve that allows the user to manually turn the system on and off, or a push-button valve that automatically deactivates the flow of water after 45 seconds.

Ablution panels – as well as the spouts – are constructed from highly durable stainless steel and showcase Bradley’s 90-plus years of high-quality craftsmanship and engineering expertise. For especially high-traffic areas, an even heavier-duty design option is available.

In fact, Bradley’s history began with the invention of the washfountain – a revolutionary group hand washing fixture designed to save water and time. Since then, the company has developed a number of innovative restroom products and technologies to help engineers, specifiers and end-users meet their building goals. The company continues to create innovative hand washing solutions that have improved the way people wash their hands in public, while making restrooms cleaner and more attractive. It has also engineered plumbed emergency fixtures that feature the latest shower technology for precise and superior wash down performance.

Another exciting example of innovation is the touchless Advocate AV-Series sink. It is the first touchless hand washing fixture to provide a sink, soap, faucet and dual-sided dryer all in one sleek unit, according to Dommisse.

Its “all-in-one” design simplifies the art of hand washing – as users intuitively move their hands from left to right using soap, faucet and hand dryer. The design eliminates dripping water on the floor and promotes safety in commercial restrooms since the user’s hands stay within the sink area until they are dried. In effect, water goes down the drain and not on the floor or down the walls. “This is important because wet floors are a building safety hazard for businesses and building staff/owners, and are displeasing to customers and restroom users. In addition, research has shown that electronic faucets can help reduce water usage because they turn off automatically when a user leaves the sink so water is not left running,” says Dommisse.

The Advocate is equipped with a hygienic hands-free infrared 1.44 lpm faucet that reduces water usage by 24 per cent. It also includes an infrared, high-speed dual-sided hand dryer, which dries hands in 15 seconds or less, and reduces debris and waste in the restroom, the cost of paper, and labour time for cleaning and restocking paper towel dispensers.

The all-in-one touchless Advocate AV-Series sink ... simplifies hand washing.

“Hands-free fixtures like the Advocate are convenient and simple for users to activate, and easier for facility owners to clean and maintain. They also cut down on the touchpoints in the restroom, reducing the transmission of germs and bacteria from users’ hands. Often vandals might leave a faucet running to create a mess in the restroom. Sensored faucets – as the water-saving faucet used with the Advocate – prevent this with an automatic shut off, thereby stopping a water overflow mess and also saving water,” he adds.

Meanwhile, one of Bradley’s ground-breaking emergency shower fixtures used in settings with potentially harmful materials such as industrial, healthcare, educational facilities and outdoor work environments, is the innovative Halo eye and eye/face wash. With years of proven performance, Halo delivers a complete washdown coverage, providing a targeted and efficient flow of water for quick relief from contaminants entering the eye and face area.

The fluid dynamics technology used with Halo works in tandem with a pressure regulated flow control. This directs the flow of water to achieve an all-inclusive spray pattern that quickly washes contaminants from the user’s eyes, face or body. “Based on its superior design, Halo covers 85 per cent of the user’s face, which is more than 20 per cent better protection than any other eye/face wash on the market. With more coverage and a superior wash pattern, users attain the greatest contaminant relief and protection available,” says Dommisse.

Halo also incorporates an exclusive self-draining feature, which eliminates standing water left in the unit between uses and testing, reducing the risk of bacteria growth when the unit is not in use.

Dommisse says that investing in high-quality commercial plumbing fixtures, such as Bradley’s Advocate, Ablution and Halo, will pay back over time in a number of ways. The water- and energy-saving features minimise utility and operating costs, and the improved washing, safety and convenience aspects will resonate with building owners and end-users alike. High-quality and durable product design translates to less upkeep and maintenance, saving costs on upkeep, repairs, parts and replacement products and frees up time for staff to focus on other more value-added duties. As a result, building owners experience superior, long-lasting product performance that will benefit their establishment – and end-users – for years to come.

For more than 90 years, Bradley Corporation has designed and manufactured public facility hand washing and sanitaryware, and today is the industry’s comprehensive source for plumbing fixtures, washroom accessories, partition cubicles, emergency fixtures and solid plastic lockers. Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, the company serves the airport/transportation, industrial, health care, recreation, religious facility, stadium, education, and corrections markets worldwide.