Hydrotech has been applied on a number of projects in the region.

Leading manufacturer of waterproofing systems American Hydrotech, having been involved with some of the leading projects in the region, including the recently-completed The Gate, Dubai, is confident of making further inroads into potentially rich markets of the region.

American Hydrotech’s products have recently being used on the Al Fadl Office Building and the Red Sea Palace in Saudi Arabia and several projects in the UAE that include: The Gate, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC); and the Etisalat headquarters building and the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi.
The Gate project is the initial phase of the DIFC, which will measure approximately 1.5 km by 0.5 km when completed. Rising 15 storeys on a 110-acre site, the Gate designed by US architects, Gensler, and houses the executive offices of the DIFC authority, the DFSA, and also provides prime office space for leading international financial institutions, some of which have already taken space in the Gate Building.
The scope of works on The Gate project included 247,000 sq ft of mud slabs, 37,600 sq ft of retaining walls, 19,300 sq ft of podium space and 48,000 sq ft of roofing.
According to Hydrotech, some of the company’s leading products that include: Monolothic Membrane 6125, Flexflash F, Flexflash UN and Hydroflex 10 have been used on the project.

Wide product range
American Hydrotech’s flagship product remains Monolithic Membrane 6125 – a hot fluid-applied, rubberised asphalt highly regarded for its long-term performance, flexibility and self-sealing properties in waterproofing and roofing applications. “It creates a seamless membrane, forming a long-lasting, tenacious bond to the substrate – ideal for new construction and retrofit applications, and for both horisontal and vertical installations. MM6125 is the base component in Hydrotech’s high-performance protected membrane roof (PMR) assemblies, which provide long-lasting thermal and watertight protection,” says a company spokesman.
He adds: “PMR is also known as ‘inverted’ roofing because the insulation is installed above rather than under the roofing surface. With PMR, the inverted roof membrane remains at a constant temperature and it doesn’t change as dramatically with fluctuations in outdoor temperatures.
“In addition, the membrane is protected from UV degradation. An added bonus: due to its longer life cycle, a PMR roof system is more cost effective. Typical projects tend to be owner occupied structures where total ownership costs are a major consideration, such as museums, corporate headquarters, government/civic structures, hospitals and universities.
“However, owners and architects alike specify MM6125 across all applications knowing the 40-plus year product performance track record.
“A variety of options for PMR installations are available in addition to traditional stone ballasted roofs:
• HydroGuard – constitutes styrofoam panels topped with a durable concrete surface that combines insulation and ballast in one easy-to-install unit. HydroGuard is also available in as Hydroguard RE, that has an initial reflectance of 0.7 – higher than both the Leed and Energy Star guidelines.
• Ultimate Assembly – a waterproofing and architectural paver system suitable for roof terraces and plazas
• Garden roof assembly – for sustainable green roof design.
“Applied at 5.5mm (in a fabric reinforced assembly), the highly viscous MM6125 is two-to-three times thicker than most other membranes, for better crack bridging, ease of flashing, and substrate acceptability. The membrane conforms to deck irregularities, is self-healing, and can withstand and perform in submersed water conditions. Detailing is straightforward, simple and thorough, with triple protection at all critical locations, and MM6125 can be installed at temperatures as low as -18 deg C. The material is available in an environmental grade (MM6125-EV), manufactured from the same formulation but with 20 per cent or more post-consumer recycled content. MM6125 and MM6125-EV are ISO 9001-2000 and CAN/CGSB 37.50-M89 certified.
“MM6125 is easily installed on concrete in horizontal and vertical applications. Typical applications include roof decks, parking decks, plazas, foundations walls, reflecting pools, mechanical room subfloors, mud-slabs, tunnels and planters. It can also be applied over wood planks, plywood and metal decks topped with gypsum board.
“Other Hydrotech products include: Hydrodrain, a drainage mat; Hydroflex 10 and 30, protection materials; VM 75, a self-adhering waterproofing membrane for vertical applications; LM6090, a cold-applied, two-part elastomeric asphalt membrane for pre-installation flashing or small areas and MM7800 a single component, cold-applied rubberised asphalt membrane for foundation walls.
Founded in 1977 by David Spalding, American Hydrotech, is a leader in the development, production and distribution of premium waterproofing and related construction products. Headquarted in Chicago, Illinois, the company was founded when Spalding acquired the US distribution rights for Monolithic Membrane 6125 – which was oped in the 1960s by Uniroyal. In 1980, American Hydrotech purchased the construction products division of Uniroyal in Canada, giving the company exclusive worldwide ownership for the manufacture and distribution of MM6125.
“One early strength that continues today, is an established relationships with the architectural community,” says company president David Spalding. “The architectural community is constantly seeking reliable state-of-the-art information on products and services, especially in the area of moisture protection. If a supplier can establish a high-quality, long-term performance record as American Hydrotech has, the architect will continue to specify that firm’s materials.
“American Hydrotech’s products are sold only to pre-approved contractors, to ensure quality of workmanship during installation,” says a spokesman. “Each applicator must undergo a stringent training programme prior to obtaining approval status. A staff of highly trained technical personnel located in the company’s Chicago headquarters supports all Hydrotech contractors.
Continued growth has been achieved through the expansion of its marketing channels and the addition of new products and assemblies. Hydrotech products are sold through an extensive network of sales representatives, many of who are recognised industry-wide as roofing and waterproofing experts,” he concludes.
Hydrotech is represented in Saudi Arabia and the UAE by Dow-Arabian Chemical Insulation Company.