Decra systems... have a 50-year warranty.

Saudi Pan Gulf-UBMO has successfully introduced Decratile roofing systems to residential compounds, villas, schools, farmhouses, stables and many other projects throughout Saudi Arabia.

''These systems look superb, have a 50-year warranty, need no waterproof membrane, do not discolour and are maintenance-free, fire-resistant, strong, completely corrosion-resistant, hurricane and cyclone wind-resistant, leakproof, easy to install and 85 per cent lighter than clay tiles,'' says a spokesman for Saudi Pan Gulf-UBMO.

''These collective benefits of Decra roofing systems obviously appeal to potential customers.''

He continues: ''Whilst the Decra roofing systems are of a high quality, it is the technical support and after-sales service from Saudi Pan Gulf-UBMO's specialist technical sales representatives which is an added advantage to customers.

''Saudi Pan Gulf-UBMO offers site supervision free of charge at the commencement of installation to ensure that Decra roofing systems are properly installed. It maintains high stock levels of tiles and accessories. And, in addition to being 85 per cent lighter than clay equivalents, the system requires no waterproof membrane," the spokesman says. "Decra roofing systems have proven weather-tight against climatic conditions ranging from the snow caps of the Alps to the desert of Saudi Arabia.''

Ideally, a roofing product needs to be easily installed, cost-effective, flexible and weatherproof. Saudi Pan Gulf-UBMO can, with Decra roofing systems, satisfy all of these requirements, he says.

Saudi Pan Gulf-UBMO has branches in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar.