Al Basha Mall ... a TPI-supplied project.

TIGER Profiles and Insulation (TPI), a one-stop shop for roofing and cladding requirements, offers a range of roofing solutions for the region’s construction industry.

Its extensive portfolio of roofing products ranges from standing seam systems and roofing tiles to Solasteel, an award-winning pre-coated water-based acrylic coating metal sheeting.
TPI is classified as the largest producer in the UAE of Z-purlins and C-channels, with an annual production capacity exceeding 2.6 million m.
Established in 1994 as the cladding arm of the 40-year-old UAE-based Tiger Steel Group of Companies, TPI manufactures a range of efficient roof and wall profiles including TR 45/150, TR 45/250, TR 47/180, TR 75/300 and TR 35/200. Available in a variety of different materials including aluminium, galvanised iron (GI) and Alu-Zinc, the roll-formed profiles are provided in a range of thicknesses from 0.40 mm to 1.00 mm and in a wide selection of colours and pre-painted (polyester), PVF2 and PVC Plastisol finishes that ensure immense flexibility for architects and designers.
Elaborating on some of its extensive range of roofing products, executive director of TPI Bernard Nasr says: “The prestigious T-Seam, a standing seam roofing system, is recognised for its design flexibility, high performance, ease in maintenance, durability and resistance to corrosion and its reliability. Produced in the factory or on site, the roof sheets are easily fixed to the structure without penetrating the sheets while allowing for its safe contraction and expansion, thus eliminating the risk of water leakage and rust. T-Seam panels are supplied in aluminium, Alloy AA 3105 or AA 3004 that can be colour coated or provided in a mill finish, galvanised, stainless steel, copper and zinc. The T-Seam system is approved by DIBT – Deutsche Institute for BauTechnik (German Institute for Structural Engineering)”
Responding to the architectural building market’s demand for roofing tile effects, TPI manufactures continuous tile profile panels using rigid polyurethane with external and internal sheets of aluminium of varying thicknesses, coatings and colours as required by clients.
“The tiles are produced using polyurethane foam with an average density of 35 to 40 kg per cu m and a closed cell content greater than 95 per cent. The initial thermal conductivity at 23 deg C is equal to 21 MW/m K. The panel thickness is 50 to 100 mm, and dimensional stability and linear variation is one per cent maximum at 70 deg C,” he explains. “The cladding specification is based on the use of aluminium sheets conforming to Grade AA-3105 (En 485/4, Alloy Ns31 and Temper H.16). The top skin sheet thickness for aluminum tile profiles is recommended at 0.7 mm.”
In addition, TPI specialises in producing Z-purlins and C-channels, which are the secondary structural members used to support the roof sheeting and wall cladding. “Besides being economical to use, the Z-purlins and C-channels provide excellent strength-to-weight ratio,” Nasr points out. “The Z and C-channels are manufactured from galvanised coils conforming to ASTM A 653, Grade D with a yield strength of 345 Mpa. The range of purlins produced by TPI varies in depth from 100 mm to 450 mm and the related thickness varies up to 3 mm, thereby allowing them to cater to large spans of up to 11 m.
“The flange widths, lip sizes and flange angles of the sections can be manufactured to clients’ requirements. The same is true of the anti-sag rods and connection fasteners as well as the Z and C-channels, which can be custom-made to provide the flexibility of the connection to the main structure, whether utilising the overlapped or the sleeved system. The use of our sag rods has been proven to reduce the installation time by more than 80 per cent in comparison to the other available sag rods.”
Among its other activities, TPI manufactures, supplies and installs superior cladding materials, wall panels, floor decking panels, steel and aluminum-profiled sheeting, partitioning, composite sandwich panels, cold store panels, and a range of cladding and profile materials, accessories and products.
Besides being a preferred supplier of insulation and cladding materials in the UAE, TPI is also recognised as a major regional and major manufacturer of polyurethane (PU) panels with an annual production capacity of exceeds 2.5 million sq m.
In parallel, TPI is the exclusive distributor to the Middle East, Asia and Africa of the Big 5 Gaia Awards 2008 award-winning Solasteel and Solacoat heat reflecting coatings that are environmentally-friendly and certified by EcoSpecifier, as well as being  recognised as a preferred means of increasing points towards Leed certification. 
“Solasteel, was developed in the UAE through TPI’s partnership with CoolShield International, its Australian principal, and is the world’s first commercially pre-coated water-based acrylic coating metal sheeting available for roofs, walls and other applications. The product secured the coveted gold medal in the Gaia awards last November in recognition of its environmentally and innovative features” says Nasr.
Solacoat is a water-based paint that provides a radiant barrier insulation coating that reduces temperature. “Solacoat is the most efficient and most cost-effective form of heat insulation commercially available today,” says Nasr.
“At TPI, extensive market, environmental, and product technology research and development play a major role in ensuring that clients are only supplied with the finest products  produced in environmentally efficient and safe working conditions,” he says.
With the environment, quality and safety accorded high priority at the company, TPI has the relevant certifications to confirm its commitment. “TPI is committed to maintain the maximum levels of quality control procedures as well as the health and safety policies in line with three significant and internationally-recognised quality certificates: the ISO 9001 quality management standards certificate, the ISO 14001 environmental management standards and the Ohsas 18001 health and safety management standard. TPI is also an active member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), and the Emirates Environmental Group,” he concludes.